6 Great Bars in Mumbai with Awesome Dance Floor

All work and no play is a phrase that we have grown up with. Morning to evening all day work can really drain us out. In these cases, chilling out at a really cool place can sometimes charge us up. And the best way to get in the chirpy fun mood again is with the help of grooving on the dance numbers.

The best part about bars is that it can make even the non- dancers dance in a way that they have never done before. But it is all about the right music. The bar may be the best in town but if the dance floor is not grooving with the right music, then somehow it really kills the mood.

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Here are the 6 great bars in Mumbai that have an awesome dance floor:

  1.    270 Degree West: The place 270 Degree West Vashi is one of those places that have a very cool ambience compared to others. Each wall in this place is adorned with some piece of priceless art that is very captivating. The entire place gives you a very edgy and funky appearance. It houses a great dance floor and the DJ is known to play quite good tracks. The main attraction for this place is the elaborate and artistic dance floor that it has.
  2.    Play: It is the only place in the entire city that serves drinks in the bar along with authentic Jain food. It is a paradise for the veggie lovers and even the non-vegetarian delicacies served here are equally good. The lounge has a great dance floor that has good dance numbers playing till late night.
  3.    Village, The Soul of India: If you are looking for a different kind of experience from the hustle bustle of fine sophisticated restaurants, then you must visit the Village, The Soul of India. It has a very rustic ambience with vibrant colours that make the entire setting very cheerful. This place also has a dance floor that gets your feet tapping to the beats.
  4.    Bombay Vintage: This place is located in the Colaba area. The ambience of the place is quite serene. The vintage decor of this place is the main attraction and thus makes it very popular. The place is really great to chill out with your buddies and dance the night way to the best melodies ever.
  5.    Door No. 1- This place in Mumbai serves the best European as well as Asian cuisines. With attractive wine cellars, classy furniture and elegant decor, this place is a must visit. It also has a dance floor where people often enjoy themselves grooving in the rhythm.
  6.    Sheesha Sky Lounge- A great respite from work is sitting and chilling under the night sky in a fresh atmosphere. This is a great place which has a rooftop setting. The ambience is so superb that it makes you forget all your weariness and energetic beats from the dance floor, boost you up.

So next time you are looking for a place to dance the night away, these bars will provide you with the ultimate memorable experience.