10 Necessary Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO Consultant

SEO is the name of the game in our contemporary time when it comes to establishing solid online marketing strategies and tactics. Hence, if you intend to optimize your website, you are surely on the right track. But you would surely need to find the best SEO consultant.Here are ten of the useful questions you can ask your prospective SEO consultants to get an objective assessment of their level of capabilities:

  1. Are you capable of making my website the top website on the SERP?

The answer to this question could very well indicate if your prospective SEO consultant can do the job for you. If his answer is a categorical “yes,” then he is obviously confident of his capabilities as an SEO expert. The basis of SEO is link building, because search engines rank websites according to the quality and number of their links. Hence, you should learn more about how your prospective consultants can increase the links that go in and out of your website.

  1. What are your strategies and tactics in making my website rank high?

The answers to this question could very well spell out the capabilities of a prospective SEO consultant. If your prospective SEO consultant could confidently delineate to you his strategies and tactics, then he definitely knows what his job is.

  1. Do you follow the Webmaster Guidelines?

This question can help you figure out if your prospective consultant is an honest one. If he engages in black hat tricks, he may later on jeopardize the integrity and credibility of your website. Hence, you should look for an SEO consultant who only uses legitimate SEO strategies and tactics.

  1. Could you me give your timeframe on how long would it take for my website to rank high on the SERP?

If he could give you a definite timeframe, you can readily set your expectations based on that timeframe. SEO is like hiking a high mountain. You need to know the specific segments of the hiking trail. You also need to get reliable predictions as to when you are going to finish each segment of the trail. Similarly, your consultant should be able to predict the outcome of his strategies and tactics based on a given time so that you would know if he is achieving what he sets to achieve within that given timeframe.

  1. Do you have resources to measure your SEO success?

SEO experts should be able to give you pertinent information on how well your website is doing every week. He should have resources that would enable him to track down how effective his strategies and tactics.

  1. Would you give me a list of past clients and present clients?

You will know if an SEO consultant is a real expert by simply looking at the list of his previous as well as present clients. If he is presently working, for example, for great companies and have previously worked for well-known clients, then this fact could be a good indicator of level of experience as an SEO expert.

  1. How much would you Charge?

Some consultants are paid on an hourly basis, while others are paid based on the projects that they do. SEO pricings generally range from $250 to $5,000. It would be beneficial to clarify at the onset the amount you are going to pay your SEO consultant to avoid any misunderstanding later on.

  1. Which link-building strategies do you usually engage in?

As said earlier, link building is the gist of SEO, and the more quality links your website can have, the higher your website will rank in the SERP. Hence, at the onset, it is valuable to know your prospective consultant’s link-building strategies.

  1. Are you familiar with the recent SEO strategies?

This question can let you gauge whether your prospective SEO consultant is cognizant of the latest trends in website optimization. You can ask him if he knows how to optimize your website for voice searches and for mobile searches.

  1. Can you optimize my website for local search?

The value of local search is increasing in this highly mobile world. With many people using their mobile phones to search for locally available services and products such as in craigslist maine, it is becoming imperative that your SEO consultant perfectly knows how to optimize your website for local search.