Walter Viola Reveals His Best Reads for 2017

One of the greatest pleasures in life, believes Walter Viola, is to open a brand new book and not being able to put it away again until all has been read. When people are in school, they are forced to read certain books, the literary classics. However, it is after that when people’s love for […]


Top 3 Hip Hop Albums Ever

I can remember when I was younger, a good friend of mine Matthew F Knouff, passed me a cassette tape of some rap music, music like which I had never heard before. From the moment that I started listening to this music on my Walkman (yes, that long ago,) I was absolutely hooked and ever […]


Peter Benedict St Andrews on Community Development and Social Justice

Community development and social justice are two study tracks that more and more people are becoming interested in. This is also increasing the demand for an understanding of exactly what those two issues are. According to Peter Benedict St Andrews, the easiest way to understand it, is that social justice takes a global perspective, whereas […]


Why I Love Road tripping in the USA

When I was younger my family would take us for a road trip each summer and I can remember these trips being some of my fondest memories of my childhood. As I grew up and hit college I can remember that my roommate Dean Kirkland WA resident like myself would often take these crazy road […]


Larry Polhill Cafe Valley Takes a Modern Look at Collaborative Management

On the grand scheme of things, the concept of studying management practice and theory is quite new. In fact, it didn’t start until the beginning of the 20th century. The emphasis then was strong on looking at what made enterprises human. While this is still of importance now, experts like Larry Polhill Cafe Valley believe […]


Randall Benderson Investigates the Risks of Real Estate Development

Randall Benderson has been in the business of real estate development for a very long time. While people are constantly confronted on the news with developers who make it big, like Donald Trump, or stories of someone earning millions by acting on a scoop, the reality is that the sector is incredibly risky. As such, […]


Casino Bonuses – Income Some Amount of Money by Playing Games!

Are you upset of not playing the real casino games? Well, there is no need to worry about it because you can play the casino games comfortably by visiting casino sites. The crazes of online casino games are gradually increasing now a day. By playing this casino game you are also benefitted in several way […]


Do You Really Save With Cannabis Cultivation?

Lately there has been a great hype about cannabis cultivation. More and more people are venturing into cannabis cultivation. Each one has his or her own reasons for cannabis cultivation. Among these one of the top reasons is cost savings. The question is whether there is any real cost savings here. Do you save any […]


Do Guys Really Care If Girls Have Lip Fillers?

Isn’t it a bit disappointing and sad that nowadays young women seem to feel like their facial features are connected to how desirable they appear to men? But when you at this a bit deeper, does the opposite sex really think thin and small lips are unkissable? Lips to Love Although there are really no […]


Who is George Milford Haven?

What do money-saving websites, MoneyGuru Brazil and Ecazip Turkey all have in common? Well, for one – they have saved people millions of pounds in their energy bills. Two, they were all created to offer customer choice after the energy market was deregulated. The third connection is that they have all benefitted from capital […]