Relational Data Modeling and How Some Things Never Change

Edgar F. Codd developed the Relational Data Model in 1970. It is a model that helps to manage data and it has remained unchanged since then. In fact, experts like Abhishek Gattani believe it is still the most beautifully designed model in existence, which is why he still employs it today. It is set on […]


Mechanical or Civil Engineering – WhichIs Right for You?

Deciding what to study is something that is down to your personal passion, your existing skills, and your interests and likes. That said, most of us have a general idea of fields that interest us, but are not truly aware of the various subdisciplines that we can choose from. A good example of this is […]


How to Become a Mountaineer

How to Become a Mountaineer If you would like to become involved in mountaineering, you should consider doing some endurance and strength training first. This will give you the opportunity to have a strong grip but also to become more balanced. People like Greg Lindae, a venture capitalist and private equity investor, have found that […]


Transform your ordinary guitar performance into the extraordinary

Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary is something that every musician wants to achieve.  Becoming the best in their field and inspiring others is an attainable goal and it needn’t cost the earth. Employing the services of a competent guitar teacher will enhance your guitar playing abilities immeasurably. There are numerous guitar teachers available such […]


James P DeVellis – Put Your Mind at Ease About Orthopedic Surgery

Any time that you are told that you need to have surgery, it is fear-inducing news. There is just something about being made unconscious, and then having people cutting on you that makes most people think that it is not something they want to have done. When you think about it too much, you can […]


Michael Eckhardt Tucson – How to Teach Your Kids The Dangers of the Sunshine

I have lived in Arizona for around 5 years now and one of the biggest challenges that I have faced since being down here is the immense heather takes grip of this state during the summer months. I was actually chatting with my friend recently, Michael Eckhardt Tucson resident like myself, about the dangers that […]


Blake Rubin LinkedIn – How to Practice Writing Stories

I have been writing stories fro as long as I can remember and throughout this time I have always strived to improve my storytelling abilities. The freedom which writing gives you cannot be compared to anything else and you really can write about anything that you have in your mind. In the past I have […]



Saving money is not something that everyone finds easy, myself included and often there is simply too much temptation to spend rather than save. In light of this, I have been trying to make a concerted effort to be a better saver and so far, things are going to plan. I sought inspiration from a […]


Essential Preparations For The Big Game

As a sports fan, I love nothing more than getting the boys around to watch the big game, whatever it is, whenever it takes place. Throughout the years I have really tailored my sports watching experience so that me and the guys can have the best possible time, and enjoy the game in the best […]