Traditional Maltese Regatta traces back to the Middle Ages

Traditional regatta The traditional Maltese regatta is a unique sports event held in Malta since the Middle Ages. The regatta is held twice a year and you will see many brightly-coloured rowing boats in the Valletta Grand Harbourevery 31st of March and 8th of September.Both days have a strong historical meaning for locals in Malta, […]


7 employer branding best practices you need to know

Whether you are involved in the world of human resources or maybe recruiting personnel for a company, you may have heard about Employer Branding. Employer branding refers to the reputation a company has as an employer, the way they treat their employees and the benefits these people get can be well known by the community […]


Should I Hire a Professional Housekeeping Service?

A lot of homeowners are reluctant to hire a professional housekeeping service to help them keep their home in shape. There are many reasons for that, from feeling guilty they cannot keep their home clean on their own to being consideredsnobbish by their peers. It’s also a common belief that hiring a cleaning service is […]


5 Date Ideas That Are Both Affordable And Fun!

Whether you are in a long-term courtship or have just started seeing someone, dates are an important part of any relationship. When you’ve just begun with your relationship, you start going on dates and get to know each other better. And when you’re in a long-term relationship, dates are important to keep things spiced up. […]


Flavourful Colours of Thai & Italian Cuisine

Thai Food is rated among the top 10 best cuisines in the world by CNN Travels: Poll 2017. It is famous for its balance, variety and detail, which means it usually, looks as great as it tastes. If observed then one may notice that residents in the eastern hemisphere find pride and show signs of […]


Different Kinds of Cardboard Materials

We tend to group all cardboard-like materials under the same umbrella term and not think about it much. However, if you are a fledgling company in search of packaging options, the differences between these will become important. You will need to take into account the durability, the cost and other factors depending on your product. […]


Quick review of withdrawal symptoms related to Phenibut!

Phenibut is a known nootropic that has been around for decades. With origins in Russia, this drug is known for treating symptoms related to stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. So, is Phenibut safe? Is it legal? Does it have any side effects? Are there any withdrawal symptoms? In this post, we are going to discuss […]


Car Rental in Orlando: Best Vehicles for Different Occasions

  Travelling without a rental car in Orlando is like to lose half of the impressions, so we offer a small selection of cars for various trips. For a family vacation, an ideal variant will be Hyundai Santa Fethat became more solid and brutal.  It is seven-seater car with all-wheel drive and automatic transmission. There […]


What to Do in Case of a Hit and Run Accusation

If you have been accused of a hit and run accident, the first thing you need to know is whether it is being treated as a felony or a misdemeanor. The distinction is dependent on the severity of the situation. If the accident caused bodily injury to another party, as well as significant material damage, […]


The Complete Guide of Essential Tips for Travelling on Ferries With Children

If it’s your very first time taking your children on the ferry or your just looking for a few helpful hints, here are some great tips for keeping your little ones busy on the journey. Boarding the Ferry – Settle the kids down to wait in the comfort of your own car Trying to keep […]