Ankle Socks from Foot Locker, a Fashion Statement

People will take a lot of considerations when investing in a good pair of shoes; however, they will completely ignore the socks. They may get the best shoes but will get poor quality socks of barely an amount. Its high time people start considering the type of socks they are getting and its quality, after […]


Common reasons for IT project failure

Everyone wants their project to be a success; that means delivering on time, within the allocated budget and of course meeting the designed end goal. When you attend training for project managers one thing they will tell you is that it is rarely this straightforward; things can and do go wrong. IT project failures is […]


Effective ways to find trucking work

Shiply offers a revolutionary load board which has changed the truck load and shipper connecting game. It offers 100% free freight matching services and also helps the truckers find loads as per their need and the shippers get the shipping price as per their budget. In order to find loads to move on Shiply’s load […]