6 Christmas Present Ideas to Give to Elderly People

Great gift ideas and inspiration to help you get the perfect gift for your elderly loved one, including thoughtful and practical ideas and options.

Buying Christmas presents can be challenging, especially when you are buying for the older loved ones in your life who seem to already have everything they need.

It can be difficult because you want to make them smile, and you want to give them something they will love, but often writing down a gift idea for them draws a blank.

If you can relate to this challenge and you’re struggling to think of what you can buy an older loved one this Christmas, take a look at these 6 Christmas present ideas to help inspire you to get them the perfect present this festive season:

  1. Your Time

It sounds like a cliché but, your time really is the most important gift you can give anyone, especially an older relative who may be struggling with loneliness at this time of year. Even worse, your older relative may not feel they can let you know they would love a coffee and a cake, rather than a wrapped gift. According to statistics, around50% of people will hide their feelings at Christmas to make others happy.

So why not wrap up a little stocking filler like some socks or hand cream to give, but make the actual gift an afternoon tea at a local posh eatery or even a weekend away with them? Your time is valuable to them, and that could be the best gift you give them this Christmas. If they have live-in carers, do speak to them about accompaniment for help with care on days out.

  1. A Personal Sat Nav

Mini sat navs are a safety item that help loved ones ensure their elderly relative is safe. It is a practical gift but a very useful gift that could provide peace of mind for everyone.

  1. A SAD Light

Seasonal Affective Disorder can be reallydifficult for those who struggle with it and the elderly spend more time indoors than others, so are likely to get even less exposure to the happy feelings released when we go out into the fresh air and natural light. An SAD light could be a great gift to help them get a therapeutic dose of artificially replicated natural light.

  1. A Smoke Alarm

The chance of an elderly person dying doubles if they live on their own and without a fire alarm. It is an effective Christmas gift you could buy somebody, complete with a connected vibrating pad for their bed if they are hard of hearing (the pad vibrates if the alarm goes off).

  1. A Hot Water Bottle

Some elderly people may still have the same hot water bottle they have had for decades, making it unsafe and difficult to use. Why not buy them a brand new one so they can have their bed warmed up and cosy during the colder winter nights?

  1. A Christmas Hamper

Why not give them the gift of a beautiful Christmas hamper you have made? It could include all sorts from tasty hot soups, to blankets, fluffy socks, and even safety accessories like those mentioned above.

Does Your Relative Need Some Support?

It may be that your relative needs more than a special gift this year to truly improve their quality of life. Maybe they have been struggling with household chores or, they have mobility issues and aren’t keeping their usual routines because of it. If you have noticed they are struggling but might not be saying, why not speak to them about getting some help? Assisted living, live-in carers, home care, care homes and nursing homes are all potential options to help them get a better quality of life. The first step is speaking to the GP and getting a care assessment. You will also find lots of handy information about live-in carers on the Live-in Care Hub website.