7 ways of identifying genuine teak furniture

Unfortunately most people lose money buying an imitation of the furniture they wanted. This is due to ignorance in identifying the wood used. More people find it hard to successfully identify furniture products made teak. Dishonest furniture sellers will capitalize on the ignorance of the buyers to boost their sales. Hence, prevent such losses by knowing how to identify teak wood furniture.


It is easy for the buyers to identify teak furniture by using its colour. There is a slight difference in the colour the teak wood species. The most expensive teak wood is known as Burma. This teak wood is golden brown. The remaining species are brown in colour. The carpenters cannot change the colour of the wood. They use teak oil which retains its colour on the furniture.


The pattern of the grain can be used in identifying genuine teak wood. The patterns tend to be affected with the method used in sawing it. Plain sawing is mostly used by the people cutting the teak timber. This makes the pattern of the grains to be very long. These patterns are visible on the surface of the wood that was sawn. Look for these patterns on the furniture to know if the wood is really teak.


Relying on the weight of the furniture is crucial in recognizing genuine teak. Furniture products made of teak must be heavy. This is because teak wood is quite heavy. It weights forty one pounds per 3 feet. This strategy will unveil the products covered with teak but made of fibre boards. Fibreboards covered with teak are lighter. Ensure the teak furniture is heavier.


Another suitable method of identifying the teak is by its fragrance. Teak wood has natural oil. This oil plays a key role in maintaining its durability. This natural lubricant hinders the wood from decaying. Apart from that, it keeps away termites. This oil smells like leather. This distinct smell makes it easier for people to identify it. You will never be wrong following that fragrance.

Use of prices

Be very cautious when purchasing cheap teak wood products. That means the value of that particular teak furniture is very low. This might be furnituremade of other materials but covered by teak wood. Such products never last. Their durability will be limited to the materials used in making them. Prefer those furniture products with higher prices.

Ask questions

Many folks cannot identify teak wood successfully.It is good to ask questions especially when procuring the furniture. The sales persons for furniture have more knowledge regarding the wood. Their main task is helping the clients to find the right product. Asking is a suitable means of getting facts.

Expert help

Do you know any expert that is skilled in producing teak furniture? These professionals can give you the skill of identifying the teak furniture. Learning from them is much easier than researching for the facts on your own. They can show you practically what to check. Some can agree to assist you in shopping.