BBQs 2U – Masterbuilt AutoIgnite Series 545 Review

Are you tired of fiddling with lighter fluid and struggling with a charcoal grill? Do you crave smoky flavor from a charcoal grill yet want convenience? 

BBQs 2U has made AutoIgnite Series 545 from Masterbuilt brand available in their Abersoch store [UK]. It is an innovative grill that seamlessly combines the allure of charcoal grilling with the convenience of gas ignition. 

In this fiery review, we will delve into Autoignite Series 545 features and the reason to invest in it for the upcoming BBQ season.

Added convenience 

Effortless ignition

The Masterbuilt AutoIgnite Series 545 has an impressive auto ignition system. Now, you will not need to fiddle with lighter fluid and battle unpredictable flames. 

With a simple twist of the knob, Series 545 ignites effortlessly. It ensures a quick and safe start to your upcoming grilling session. Your prep time reduces, and your grille food time increases!

Seamless Connectivity

Masterbuilt Wi-Fi technology and an app allow you to control the grill from anywhere. Use the app to connect with the grill, monitor temperature, check meat probes, and view session graphing while shopping. 

Superior performance

Besides, convenience Autoignite Series 545 delivers exceptional grilling performance. Here is the reason why –

  • Spacious cooking area: The station has 545 sq. inches of cooking space. It allows you to grill all your favorites-from vegetables and kebabs to steaks and burgers.
  • Dual-zone burner system: The independent burners create different heat zones on the grill. You can sear steaks at high heat on one side while using the other for slow cooking or keeping food warm.
  • Internal charcoal MiniHopper: The hopper holds 5 pounds of lump charcoal or 7 pounds of briquettes for a maximum of 8 hours [when conditions are good, like wind, temperature, etc.
  • QuickSear griddle plate: It functions like a lid made from thick cast iron. The removable plate also allows you to easily sear or sauté food.
  • Digital Fan: It allows you to maintain your grill temperature accurately – 250° – 650°F.
  • Double manifold system: It helps to combat flare-ups by eliminating the fat or grease from directly touching the extremely heated manifold situated lower. 
  • Digital control panel: It displays small valleys or peaks below and above the set temperature. When you open the grill, the temperature significantly dips but regains the set temp within 3 to 4 minutes. 
  • The foldaway warming rack: It has a simple design yet is remarkably sturdy when fully extended. You can create a distance between fuel and food to get more consistent smoke without the concern of overcooking. 
  • Stable cart design: The cart has sturdy, lockable casters. It ensures that the grill stays stable while offering convenient mobility when needed. 

BBQs 2U store owners understand that a grill is a considerable investment, so they carry premium-quality products built to last. 

The Masterbuilt Autoignite Series 545 is no exception. You can even look for grilling essentials and accessories in their physical or online store. 

Enjoy the convenience of modern technology with user-friendly features, durable construction, and spacious cooking flat surfaces.