Discreetly feeding – make use of small bluetooth earpiece

There will always be moments where our brains cannot function at full capacity and can’t seem to take anymore new information; sometimes these moments can occur very conveniently right before exams. Students are constantly given new information to learn almost every day for around 5 to 6 days a week and truthfully, that can be very tiring, especially mentally. Students have to deal with new things to learn day in and day out and on top of that, they still have assignments, reports as well as thesis to deal with, not to mention exams from time to time.

While exams are quite important, the students have a hard time studying for exams especially if they have a lot on their plate already. Some students are even working part time shifts, this is quite common especially for college students who have to pay student loans and hardly have enough time to study for exams.  Thankfully, due to technological innovation and advancement, gadgets that can only be seen in spy movies can be utilized by regular people to their advantage. Gadgets such as a small Bluetooth earpiece can be one of the most effective and best ways to cheat on a test without getting caught.

Small bluetooth earpiece  – Ingenuity and innovation

Cheating on tests require loads of ingenuity to develop techniques wherein it cannot be easily detected by proctors or examiners. Most of the time, these ingenious ideas are quite crude yet still very effective when done correctly. Techniques such as writing every single important detail about the exam on a tiny piece of paper that can be easily concealed and retrieved can be quite helpful especially when done correctly.

There are also other ingenious ways such as writing notes on your arms and legs and concealing them with clothing or writing notes on the back of water bottle labels. Of course there is a risk of getting caught when cheating as there are appropriate sanctions to be given when caught.

The Bluetooth earpiece is probably the safest and most effective way to cheat on a test without getting caught since it’s virtually invisible.

Establishing a secure connection

With the Bluetooth earpiece, you can establish a secure connection without getting detected or caught. It works by using the earpiece as an external speaker, with the transmitter connected to the phone via Bluetooth, you can call a friend for help without getting detected and that friend can feed you with all the answers you need for the exam. You might want to know if there’s a way to communicate with your friend, of course there is since it works as a discreet and secure two-way connection.

The transmitter, usually disguised as eyeglasses also has a super sensitive mic which you can talk into. Of course, you may look like you’re talking to yourself when talking to your friend but at least you get to ace the exam, right?

Its convenient application and safety of not getting caught makes it very popular for people especially students. Of course, exams aren’t the only application it may have use for. The Bluetooth earpiece can also be useful for speeches and reports, which means no more cue cards and memorizing pages upon pages of speeches. Everything can be fed directly to you in real time without having to stress your brain.