Effective ways to find trucking work

Shiply offers a revolutionary load board which has changed the truck load and shipper connecting game. It offers 100% free freight matching services and also helps the truckers find loads as per their need and the shippers get the shipping price as per their budget. In order to find loads to move on Shiply’s load board, you need to sign up first. Once you get an access to the load board, you can search for the carriers or brokers you are interested in shipping their item by filtering the route, area or region. Just fill in the specific information needed about the equipment and trailer type you are going to use and commence your search.

Shiply doesn’t force you to make any monthly payments or pay subscription fee. It is after you have cracked the deal and received the payment, they ask for a commission from your payout. The load board gives you access to unlimited truck postings and searches. It doesn’t just save your time to look out for work but also helps you receive an alert every time there is a new work updated on the site.

How to find truck loads?

As a trucker, you can register on free load boards to find loads to move. Though finding loads to haul can be time-taking but it can be the break-point to find long term clients for you. Freight brokers and shippers who need your services on a regular basis make use of load boards to look for truckers.

Apart from Shiply, some of the other effective ways to find trucking work is to create your networking. You can be a part of associations and gatherings of shippers and truckers. You can also be available in events where you can get hold of more and more clients for your business. Apart from it, look for clients who are in constant need of shipping so that they may come back to you on their own for work.

You can also team up with a broker who will connect you with shippers in exchange of some commission. They will get business for you and help you build connections.

Pick the right truck loads

With right truck loads we mean, the ones which provide you with good payments and process your payments as soon as possible. The best truck loads are the ones which need the shipment to be transported via route you want to drive and need your services on a regular basis. If you are not able to get such clients on load boards, then you can follow other ways to find new clients like networking and trucking associations.

Are you capable to take more truckload loads?

If you want to make new clients, then you may disrupt the cash flow of your company because the new clients may take 30-60 days to make their payments. Hence, make sure you have the money to bear the expenditure of fuel and driver to haul the load. If you fail to cover these expenses, then go for freight factoring services.