Factors that Increase a Home’s Value

When shopping for the best home for you, you’ll look for the best value. Many factors determine the value of your home, including age, floor plan, quality of construction, and features. However, that’s not all there is to determine the value of a home. When seeking a mortgage loan from the best credit union Denver offers to buy a home, and there are lesser-known factors that increase a home’s value.

In this blog post, we’ll cover unusual factors that increase the price of your home. Beyond the neighborhood and quality construction, look out for homes with the following features.

Proximity to Outdoor Attractions

People love to go out and have fun. Therefore, when a house is close to parks, golf courses, and recreational open spaces, its value will surely increase over the years. 

Proximity to Sport Venue

Do you like to play sports? You should always find a home that’s close to a sports stadium. This feature also increases the value of your home significantly. That is why neighborhoods located around pro-football stadiums have higher housing values. If your home is also located quite close to a gym, that’s another advantage to the home.

High Walk Store

A home that’s in close walking distance of restaurants, schools, parks, and grocery store has a high walk score. It could significantly increase the market value of the home. Therefore, when seeking a mortgage loan from the best credit union Denver has, a ‘live, work, play’ community is an excellent choice as it is sure to see an increase in market value.

Ocean Access

This one is easy to figure out. A home within a mile of surfable waves usually experiences a consistent increase in value. Therefore, going for a home with ocean access is a profitable investment. Furthermore, your home’s value will increase significantly over the years with quality construction and features.


You can never know the actual value of your home till you carry out a market analysis. However, knowing the actual value of your home is essential before you make the final payment. When seeking a mortgage loan from the best credit union Denver offers, look for these features to ensure you find a home with the best value.