Four Reasons Why the Patek Philippe Nautilus Is the Perfect Sports Watch

In the world of Watches, there are very less number of watches that are perfect without any errors. One such timepiece is the patek 5712 watch. It is deemed as the ultimate sports watch owing to its brilliant characteristics, make, strategy, and technology used. It is the skilled work of the watchmaker, its detailing, and its intricacy that make it one of the best choices of the sports Watches. It was first generated in 1976, and since then, it is the most wanted watch in the world.  It is unparalleled in the world with its features like a world timer, keyless winding techniques, and other sophistications. There are several reasons for the Nautilus watch to become renowned worldwide. Below are a few of the reasons:

A Robust and Operational Strategy: It has an octagonal all around that is similar to a porthole on a ship. The name Nautilus is derived from a fictional submarine from a story. It is even nicknamed “Jumbo” due to its stainless steel case which has a diameter of 42mm. Though it is huge, it is extremely thin.  The dial is horizontally pleated. True to its name, it is water resistant to 120m.

High Complication Versions:  This watch has evolved into many versions and ranges from the 3700 original version in 1976. This was a basic time/date teller. From there, it went on to emerge into a very highly complicated model like 5990-01-001. Despite its many variations, the dial design of sailor stripes and the case shape remain intact as that of the original. It has a power backup of 55 hours, day/night indicators, and dual-time functionalities across its various models that have evolved.

Women’s Watch Versions: It has specially designated watches for ladies. The interior of the watches is identical to men’s watches except that the case sizes have been reduced. Studded with jewels, these timepieces bear the symbol of a Nautilus watch. All the specifications are the same like identical movement, ruggedness, the case shape, and the extraordinary bracelet designs.

A Perfect Dress Watch: Not only for sports, these watches can be used as an accessory for exquisite apparel also. The gems and the gracious straps make it a perfect dress watch. Also, the gold casing that gels in with any attire makes it a perfect accessory for the dress.

These watches are the perfect combination of sports as well as apparel decoration. The blend of traditions, aesthetics, work, its built, and resilience all make it the right choice for the seeker.