Hello Doggie! Here are Some Things You Will Love!

When you buy a dog you agree to take on the responsibility of caring for it and making sure it has what it needs to be safe and comfortable. This means providing for it, a warm home when it is cold and a cool one when it is hot, healthy dog food and medical care when it is needed.

By doing these things, you ensure that the animal will live a healthy life. But as a dog owner, is this all you are required to do? What about the things that make your dog happy. Dogs have needs that when they get fulfilled, make them feel like they are on top of the world. If you have not considered this regarding your dog and thought about discovering and fulfilling them, then it is time you did. Here is a list of those things that your dog will love. So if you do them regularly, your dog will love you more and show you more love too.

Anything from Hello Doggie

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Set up play dates with their friends

Just like humans, dogs love to go and see other dogs that they know. So one thing you can do to show your love is to set up time for your dog to visit one or more doggie friends. You can use one of your homes, or better yet a doggie park as the meeting place. This way the dogs will all get good exercise as well.

Call up some of your dog owner friends and make a point to find out when they’ll be there so that even if you stay only 15 minutes, your puppy is guaranteed to get time with a friend. AS a fall back because you are too busy, consider taking your dog to a doggie day care center for some group socializing.

Now it is true that some dogs are simply either not that sociable or do not get excited in the right way to see other dog. If this describes your pooch consider taking the dog for a nice long walk in a wooded area where there is lots of room to roam around, smell trees and flowers, and have general exploration time. Dogs always love this type of trip and yours will be happy you thought of it.


Most dogs love to be pampered and groomed, so you taking out the brush and tending to your animal is sure to create many tail wags Take your time and go over any rough spots gently and in the event you find a hair ball, be sure to work through it slowly. For the dogs that do not like to be groomed, try a different approach where you provide the treats and speak encouraging word to your dog as you groom it. Using this approach, your dog will relax and learn to enjoy the activity.

Try these fun activities and have your dog become the happiest on your street. Also, if you are worried about fleas for your pet and want to prevent that then you should check Bravecto cost first.