How ‘SrinivasaKalyanam’ placed in the top Telugu romantic movie


Producer Dil Raju has a unique style in creating family story films like Bommarillu and ShatamanamBhavati, etc. That’s why his success graph soars in the Telugu film industry. He is the main reason behind the film ‘SrinivasaKalyanam’ trending good among latest Telugu movies online. The film was directed by Satish Vegeshna with the stars of Nitin and Rashi Khanna as a couple.

Recently the film was added in the library of movies on Aha. The movie scored high in terms of its views among movies on Aha. The love and romantic elements in the movie are attracting the audience high and the movie placed as one in Top Telugu romantic movies on Aha.  Even though the movie has regular elements, but, the treatment of the story is different from the latest Telugu movies online.  Let’s check the story, artistes’ performances, technicalities, etc of SrinivasaKalyanam before browsing the movies on aha.


Srinivasa Raju (Nitin) works for a traditional joint family (Jayasudha, Naresh, Rajendra Prasad) in Chandigarh. Sridevi alias Shree, who works part time there, falls in love with him. The daughter of RK (Prakash Raj), a business magnate in the Telugu states, lives a normal life in Chandigarh, not as a member of a wealthy family. In this order Srinivasa Raju, Sri falls in love. Persuade the elders to marry. But RK puts a condition on Raju before agreeing to the marriage. He comes out of the wedding because of that condition at a time when everything is going well.

Why did Srinivasa Raju have to get out from the wedding? What problem faced Srinivasa Raju? What is the condition imposed by RK? In the end what was the debt that Sri asked for the peaceful marriage of Srinivasa Raju to take place? The answer to these questions is the story of SrinivasaKalyanam movie to watch on OTT, browse movies on Aha.

Artistes’ Performances:

Nitin once again showed his mature performance. As a lover boy, as a friend, as a youngster who knows family values, as a lover who knows his girlfriend’s mind, he has managed a wide variety of shades well.

Rashi Khanna once again shines with her talent. She impressed with her emotions and gestures, though dialogues. She mesmerized the audience with her glamour and good ease appeared in the romantic scenes.

Nandita Shweta, who played the role of Nitin’s sister in law, got good marks with her performance.

Prakash Raj and Jayasudha have once again played key roles and remain as the backbone of SrinivasaKalyanam.

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Director Satish Vignesha’s expansive approach is commendable. It reflects his talent for emphasizing family values while being critical of today’s trends.

The music provided by Mickey Jay Meyer is great. Rerecording in particular is very in-depth.  Sameer Reddy Cinematography is another special attraction for SrinivasaKalyana. The beauties of Konaseema are wonderfully screened.

Cast and crew:

Cast: Nitin, RashiKanna, NanditaSwetha, Prakash Raj, Jayasudha, etc.

Screenplay & Direction: Satish Vegeshna

Cinematography:Sameer Reddy

Music:Mickey J. Mayer

Producer:Dill Raju


SrinivasaKalyanam, a film is like a good wedding cassette in the mind of every viewer.

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