How to Cope with Empty Nest Syndrome

For many people, when children grow up and leave home, it can lead them to become quite sad. This is known as empty nest syndrome and is fairly common. It usually affects mothers but also some fathers also have these feelings.

When a child leaves home, it is an exciting life event – the job of the parents has been successfully done, and they have raised their child to become an independent adult. But for many parents, as well as being happy for the child, this can lead them to feel sad, at a loss and redundant as they struggle to adjust to the new dynamics of the house with just themselves and their partner.

Empty nest syndrome: The long goodbye | The Independent

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There are lots of ways to deal with this. Firstly, remember that with all big life changes and events, there is a period of time that things will feel unusual and you will have to adapt, as you did when you first had children.

Another good way of dealing with this is to try to embrace your newfound time as a couple – move to a suitable home such as somewhere like these Gloucestershire park homes, book a holiday to look forward to and start to take up hobbies that you may not have had time for before.

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Looking after yourself is important, and you should have a healthy diet and get plenty of rest – leading an unhealthy lifestyle will make your negative feelings worse and you may find it much harder to deal with them.