Latest Cryptocurrency ICO launch – Solomon Exchange profit deal

Solomon Exchange takes pride in inviting you for its very own ICO – SMNX ICO. Here, we are dedicated to provide you a unique platform for selling and buying the cryptocurrency of your choice. Solomonex is one of most secure and reliable partners. Thanks to our instant exchange and transaction process. Be it be ethereum or bitcoin, Solomon got your transaction covered.

Right now we are up for next big thing on our website. The launch of our very own ICO is soon to start and we are ready with all security measures. We have developed special easy interface for this. The ICO sale is scheduled to start from 28th of August 2017. Our ICO has been hailed amongst the best upcoming ICO.

We are providing special offers for new contributors and bulk buyers. In the same process, we have registered starting 3 days for early contributors. These contributors will receive up to 20% extra during investment. Our specially designed platform will monitor and ensure complete security during global crypto currency trades.

Still wondering why Solomon Exchange?

We at Solomon exchange target a user friendly environment which can provide secure transactions. We are first ever service provider who allows their users to exchange cryptocurrency into bank settlements and flat currencies. This is done through Identity verification system. Our detailed and complex algorithm technology enables our users to trade for best encrypted currency in the world. At Solomon, we are not just traders; we are a team of highly capable professionals. Designing this state of art platform took more than just coders and planners.

Our website algorithm consists of most recent blockchain technology which empowers our users for secure transactions. Our system uses 2FA methods for deals. We also use different verification systems to stop theft of Identity or frauds. Identity tracking is one these methods.

Other benefits you receive with us are:

  • Secure E-Wallet
    Our sophisticated servers and security firewalls are always up for your protection. Your currency (encrypted or Fiat) is always safe with our latest encryption system.
  • Cloud Trading
    We do not just deal in bitcoins. The Solomon Exchange is a single window system for trading in top 30 cryptocurrencies in market. This enables our users to trade in their favorite currencies at single checkpoint with ease.
  • Referral Program
    Early traders, New account holders and big stock traders are given special benefits at our exchange. These benefits are delivered to you in various forms. Reduced trade fee, Additional purchase bonus, Special Rewards – are just a few of methods we use to reward our friends.

Are you still just thinking about joining hands with us? Come on, log on to our website and start this profitable new relationship.

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