Michael Briese – Keys to Successful Investing

Finding the right place to put extra money you have can set you up for a bright future, buy a Rolex watch, or even save for retirement. The average American is not positioned properly in terms of investing these days and part of the reason for this is the confusing array of investment options and understanding the risk and real rewards. With all investments being marketed as the best choice, yet horror stories abounding of people losing some or all of their money, it is a scary proposition for most. So to most Americans, sitting out is risky, but getting involved is riskier.

The first thing for anyone interested to do, is to find a highly regarded professional to assist in finding and assessing investments. Experts like New York based Michael Briese excel at creating a superior investment plan and then finding the best securities for clients. There are similar experts who can advise about other investment types including real estate, business, commodities, and other popular types. The key is to use these professionals to help you discern what the real risks and potential are before you get involved.


Securities are defined as negotiable financial instrument that holds some type of monetary value. It signifies an ownership position in a publicly-traded corporation (via stock), a creditor relationship with a governmental body or a company (via a bond), or rights to ownership as represented by an option.

The stock market is a repository for securities and millions invest via the stock market into public companies that operate in every business sector. Trying to pick which stocks will go up and make you money is both an art and a science and professionals make it their job to be both artist and a scientist.

Bonds tend to be less risky and less profitable and are used generally as a safer more consistent security for investors. If you want a guaranteed return over a term, you buy bonds. They are often used as a hedge against the volatility and uncertainty of stocks.

Commercial Real Estate:

Commercial real estate is one of the oldest investments and it appears that it will never disappear or go out of fashion. If you look at virtually any major city, you will see new big and small building going up and each of these buildings has investor money paying for it to happen.

The need for commercial real estate is simple, companies need places to put their offices, factories, warehouses and storefronts. Over time, commercial real estate has been proven to be the best returning investment, although like any investment there are periods where the returns are not so great. And you need to understand when and where to invest to increase your chances of a good return.

When approaching commercial real estate as an investment, it is critically important to learn as much as you can about the business and then consult a commercial real estate expert for advice on where and how to invest. With good advice you can turn a good and consistent profit.

Like your activities on Facebook, approach investing with caution and care. Take your time to learn about the approach you want to make and hire experts. This strategy will get you the money you need for retirement.