Need a commercial mover? Ask these questions before you hire a moving company

Sure, when you go online and compare companies, one moving company is going to claim they offer better, faster and more efficient services than the next. Any site you visit for any local moving company in the Halifax area, is likely going to have similar claims on their page. So, as a commercial customer, when the time comes to choose commercial movers in Halifax, how do you know who to hire, and what the best team really is? Make sure to ask these questions prior to choosing a company for your service needs:

1. Who works for you? –
Make sure to find out if movers are paid employees or contracted. A company that has dedicated commercial movers in Halifax who are paid hourly, is usually more dedicated to the task. They are more careful, meticulous, and will be more concerned with doing the job right. Since they will be held accountable (where contracted workers often aren’t), they are going to take the time to do things right.

2. Are you insured? –
An insured company is a safe bet. Not only do they cover your belongings (to a certain extent), but the best companies typically offer additional purchase options, so you can fully protect your valuable equipment, office furniture, and delicate company information and property. br>
3. Do you provide estimates, or only charge flat fees? –
A company that isn’t willing to give you a personal quote, rather than a “flat-rate” for commercial moves, is typically going to overcharge you. Sure, you might need an entire office space moved, heavy equipment, office furniture, and confidential items moved. But, other businesses simply need a few pieces of equipment moved to a new office or warehouse. Should you really pay the same price for this, as a large company would pay for a move twice, or three times as large as yours? No, you shouldn’t. So, ask about quotes, and find out what you are paying for before you hire a company.

4. How are payments made? –
A reputable, honest, stable company won’t ask for upfront cash payments. Make sure you never pay a company upfront without having services rendered. Instead, make sure they provide invoicing, and you only put down a down payment (to cover the date, and loading of your belongings). Once all items are moved, and the services are completed, this is when you should be required to pay in full for the move.

You have options when it comes to choosing a moving company for commercial moves. Make sure you make the right decision, and hire an honest, reputable, long-standing company, when you need assistance with a commercial transition to a new office space. In addition to these questions, make sure any company you hire offers full satisfaction guarantees for their services. Remember, you are paying them to do the work. And, you have options, so they should go above and beyond to make sure you are pleased with their services.

Don’t feel embarrassed to ask. You are paying for their services, so you might as well know what you are getting, and what you are paying for, when choosing commercial movers in Halifax.