Powerful esports content grabs viewers’ attention

According to Statista, the number of esports viewers from around the globe is estimated to be 474 million people in 2021. It was expected that their quantity would grow to more than 577 million by 2024. This handful of statistics demonstrates that the need for top-quality sports and esports content providers will increase rapidly. 

The  BETER mission is to make the betting experience for the next-gen players, providing them with the fast-paced entertainment the brand knows they want. BETER provides high-velocity betting and gaming products across four verticals: BETER Esports, BETER Sports, BETER Live, and BETER Gaming.

ESportsBattle offers the most sought-after and profitable disciplines. This product covers 17,500 efootball, ebasketball and CS:GO events per month, all of which ensure stable and predictable margins. To back it up, ESportsBattle | Football is the most popular efootball content among bettors all around the world.      

What Makes BETER Esports Content Interesting: main reasons 

It is necessary to use new tools, approaches, and new formats to compete with brands in sports content to engage new audiences. Today, you can see how well-known brands are exploring the possibilities of TikTok and YouTube to share news, launch challenges, and create videos of top moments of the game, for example. Another essential component of sports content is game statistics: infographics attract sports viewers. 

ESportsBattle offers not only tried-and-tested disciplines and formats of efootball, ebasketball and CS:GO but high-quality content for esports fans on the most popular media platforms. Why is it so powerful? The responses are summarized below:  

  • Enthralling and engaging events. Interactive content captures users’ attention more efficiently than static. Esports viewers may watch top clutches, headshots, beautiful moments and quizzes. 
  • All followers can always find up-to-date tournament schedule information on the official website.
  • The episodes of the TOP-10 goals and TOP-5 best moments appear regularly on the platform’s official YouTube channel.

Esports viewers may subscribe to new Twitch channels with ESportsBattle tournaments powered by ECF to watch top esports players. The most accurate player and discipline statistics are available on the tournament’s websites.