Why Replacing Sandblaster Parts Is Important

Sandblasters are awesome tools that can help you get a lot done quickly, but they tend to degrade over time just like anything else. This is why it’s so important to make sure you maintain your sandblaster  parts regularly buy replacing any parts that might need to be replaced. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get from this.

Clean Nozzles

One of the most important things you can have on your sandblaster is a set of clean nozzles. These nozzles play a large role in how effective your sandblaster is. If you notice the nozzles on your sandblaster starting to become worn or notice that you’re needing a lot more air to run your sandblaster, there’s a good chance you need to replace your nozzles. You can check your nozzles by using a drill bit to check to bore size.

View Window

Sandblasters have a view window so you can see what’s going on in the middle of your project. Unfortunately, those windows can be destroyed pretty quickly if your sandblaster didn’t come with a window protector. If you don’t have a window protector on your sandblaster, you should regularly inspect and replace your window as needed.

Debris Removal

One of the most important things you can do to make sure your sandblaster is running like a champ at all times is to keep it free of debris as much as you can. Unfortunately, there’s always going to be quite a bit of debris in your sandblaster. The good news is, there’s an abrasive scalper screen inside your sandblaster that helps collect some of the larger debris to allow your sandblaster to work better. If this screen becomes completely clogged or is damaged in some way, you’ll need to replace it to make sure your blasting cabinet is staying clean.

Clogged Lines

Sandblasters work by sending abrasives through abrasive lines and out of nozzles. Sometimes, these lines or nozzles can get clogged up and make it difficult for air and abrasives to flow through. If this happens you’ll need to unclog your lines—which is something that often sort of happens on its own. If you’re having trouble getting your lines unclogged, you may need to replace them.

No matter what sort of machine you’re dealing with, you’re always going to get the best performance with proper maintenance and upkeep. You should be watching for signs of trouble with your sandblaster, trying to prevent them and repairing them when they occur, just like you do with your car. If there is a problem, make sure you find the appropriate sandblaster parts to get it fixed right away.