Seedexp creates an easy online shopping cart integration

Consumers don’t want to deal with any hassles when it comes to making online purchases. They just want to select their products, check out with ease, and await delivery to their doorsteps. No drama.

Seedexp and other order fulfillment companies have eliminated such shopping woes by adding shopping cart integration to the list of services they offer to business clients who sell products online.

And as more ecommerce companies turn to order fulfillment providers to get their products to consumers, shopping cart integration has become a crucial component of the supply-chain process.

Seamless integration

Seedexp makes online shopping a breeze, improving the customers online purchasing experience.

Business clients will not miss a beat once they partner with the company to provide fulfillment services. Once on board, business clients get to work immediately with the company’s Information Technology (IT) staff to integrate their online shopping platform with Seedexp’s system.

Both systems work as a unit to prevent any disruption in the shopping experience. And customer don’t encounter any major change to how they shop and make payments.

Support throughout the process

At Seedexp, business clients get all the help and support from staff. The staff will answer questions, handle and any concerns about the integration. And they are available to provide support when a business client needs help.

And the company has established partnerships with other businesses that allow Seedexp to offer opportunities for many operational tasks on behalf of business clients. If clients need a service not listed on the company’s website at, all they have to do is connect with a staff to get help.

Growing number of shopping cart integration

Like Seedexp, other order fulfillment providers work closely with businesses to ensure that shopping cart integration platforms are making online shopping easier for consumers.

At ShipMonk, the company fulfillment software can synchronize with more than 75 ecommerce shopping carts, marketplaces, and solution providers, the company says on its website. And that integration platform is a plug-and-play option that is east for for busy business clients to use.

Also, at ShipMonk, business clients get a new shopping cart integration added by filling out a form that will be reviewed by the company’s integration team.

According to Rakuten Super Logistics, the company works with clients’ businesses, their favorite shipping partners, and shopping cart platforms. The company provides a team of on-boarding specialists to explain the integration process to business clients, making the process seamless.

Shipwire offers more than 200 ecommerce shipping cart integration option and can connect with existing shopping cart of its business clients. The company also afford clients the opportunity to automate shipping and monitor inventory and orders from one platform.

Picking the right company

Order fulfillment companies are in business to help clients improve their financial picture and in doing so improve theirs. And many of them offer valuable information to clients that will help them make educated decisions that can result in improved sales and in-house operations.

Seedexp says part of its mission is to help business clients increase sales and expand customer bases with its level of fulfillment services.

“You will also be better poised to respond to market changes and identify current consumer trends,” the company says on its website at “Our decision support system will tell you what you’re doing right and what some areas for improvement are.”