The Era of Signage Digital Technology

The era of digital screen technology has repackaged all we knew about advertisement. Advertising and passing information is now easy with the emergence of digital signage technology enabling LCD and LED screens to be used to display content such as digital images, video, streaming media as well as information. The technology is simpler, more eye-catching and environmental friendly with information and content displayed in an intuitive manner for simple access. Signage technology is nowadays commonly used across all industries including retail shops, billboard advertisement, universities and colleges, hospitals, corporate entities, restaurants and even churches. No any other media has ever made it possible to deliver dynamic content at the right location and time and managed to achieve maximum impact as signage set does. Besides all these advantages, you still find that signage has proved to be the cheapest means of advertising. One saves printing costs and time that they would have used to make and distribute posters.

Considering that signage digital technology is the new trend across all industries, companies have come up to major in delivery, installation as well as maintenance of these signage software and equipment. Consider the case of Enplug, one of the world’s leading digital signage technology specialists: Enplug’s digital signage solution is the visual communication solution for businesses. It integrates Enplug software and Apps with your HD display for customer marketing and employee communications. Their App Market provides applications that enable you to engage in real-time dynamic and interactive content display to your potential clients. Some of their apps include:

Graphic and Videos: The App enables you to upload any number of HD graphics to play on your screen. You can schedule your content by date, time or location and, as such, it becomes easy to manage and determine which content displays at what time. With this app, you can save your graphics and videos in your account on the Enplug Cloud; there’s no need to worry about storage. 

Social Media Wall: Enplug enables you to get in touch with the global reality and information that is nowadays shared using social media. The Enplug social medial app shows live twitter wall, Yelp feed, Instagram wall or Facebook feed. The app displays posts in real-time and even pre-approves posts before they appear on your timeline. It is enabled to filter posts that include any negative sentiments. Other apps include Market Tracker, Business and Tech News, Sports Center, Digital Directory, Traffic, and Google Trends among others. All these applications engage your clients in the most interactive way than any other media you would ever think of. You can learn more about these interesting apps by visiting Here, you will get a deeper insight on these splendid signage technology developments.

Why opt for Enplug’s Digital Signage Technology

• Powerful content management system
The software and apps present a powerful content management system with clear, simple displays and dashboards. Their award-winning Enplug Web Dashboard is powerful with an easy to use content management system for your display. You can control screens around from any remote location in the world.

• Tons of Automated Content. Their Enplug App Market has earned them the reputation of ‘Smartphone of Digital Signage.’ The market has an app for nearly anything you would like to display. You can keep your audience entertained and informed with rotating social media news, graphics, digital menus, videos as well as metrics and more.

• Built for Scalability Large companies can use Enplug to power their global display network. Their creative features such as live monitoring, grouping, role-based access and tagging are built to enhance control at any scale.

You can take your business to the next level by implementing this current technology to your operations.