Want to know how to decorate a bathroom?


Choosing a bathroom-remodeling scheme is a hell of a job.  This is because it teaches you many things and it tests your aesthetic skills too. If you are not an artist, you will become one, after you choose the décor for your own bathroom and that for your relative’s bathroom.  This experience teaches you how to remodel your bathroom. A bathroom is not a room to be neglected, when you plan to decorate your home.  It is a room where you rid your body of toxins. It is the room where you get rid of all the dirt and dust of your body.  This article will give you tips on how to remodel a bathroom.

Pick your must have décor item first

Typically, when we decide a design scheme for the bathroom, one accessory item is prominent in the design. This is included because it makes the bathroom appear attractive.  A best practice is to choose this item of decoration first. Once it is selected, then you can choose the other items of décor with reference to the first.

Try to use as less items as possible for the decoration

When selecting the items to decorate the bathroom, after you select the first item that is prominent in the design, the other items should be selected with reference to the first. This means, if the first item selected is bright in color, then the other items should be of a lighter color and vice versa.

Stick to one show stopper

A bathroom is essentially a small room. Therefore, one does not require too many items to decorate it. However, if you still decide to show off your personality in your bathroom design, then it is advisable to keep only one item prominent in the design and you can let the design revolve around this prominent item.

Take maintenance into consideration

When you select items to decorate your bathroom, try to select materials that can be cleaned easily. You can use a porcelain or a ceramic tub or shower in the bathroom. These are maintenance free. Similarly, materials made from natural stone are not advisable in the bathroom as they require more maintenance. If you wish to use stone, you can use it on the floor, which is a less wet area. Lastly, glass as a material is maintenance free and makes a great wall for the bathroom. It does not work on the floor because it is slippery.

Consider scale

When choosing the design elements for the bathroom, one needs to take into account that one should keep abreast of contemporary design trends. From these, one should provide design schemes that are minimalistic because a bathroom is a small room of the house and it does not require too many prominent design elements.


Thus, you have seen how to remodel a bathroom. If you keep in mind the above tips, you can decorate your bathroom attractively.