What Are the Different Types of Aquarium Fish?

Fish are vital in the ecosystem, and there are about 3.5 billion fish in the ocean. Currently, the species of fish are about 18,000 identified by scientists.

Most of them are in the ocean, while a few can only count as pets. Those considered as pets are aquarium fishes that are good for home.

Do you want to know the types of aquarium fish you can take home? Read more, and decide what fish you want to keep for yourself.

Common Goldfish

Let’s begin with the aquarium fish that everyone loved to have when they were young. Common goldfish are an excellent choice because they can live up to 20 years.

They’re also famous for being low maintenance, which means they’re easy to take care of and feed. It only needs water that’s a little warm but not lukewarm. It can grow to start from two or four inches up to 10 inches.

These types of aquarium fish are forever favorites because of their cute and bright colors. What’s the best about these fish is that they’re inexpensive and fun to look at outside.

Zebra Danio or Zebrafish

Zebrafishes are good companies of goldfishes. These small, blue striped fish is good for the fish community because they’re peaceful. These types of fishes have plenty of species, colors, and markings.

If the goldfish can take up to 10 inches, zebrafishes can only grow two inches at most. They have a smaller life expectancy than goldfish, which is five years.

But they’re not picky about their environmental temperature. Zebra danio is a fantastic choice for beginners that want to have fish as a pet because they’re strong. Visit your aquarium fish shop if you like to see this up-close.


Buying aquarium fish should not be hard. Pick one that’s low monitoring and can work well with other fish in the tank. One type is the tetra.

They also have plenty of species like the neon tetra and black skirt tetra. These fishes are unique and have bright colors that stand out.

They’re cheap and accessible and can live with six to 10 other fish species. Some of these species are reef safe, like gobies in marine life.


Guppies are the types of aquarium fish for sale that are hot for beginners and fish enthusiasts. Their names can also be Rainbow Fish because of their multicolored scales.

They can fight malaria because they eat mosquito larvae. They’re nice to other fishes like gouramis, mollies, tetras, and other guppies.

The only downside of having guppies is that they can die with ease. They can even die from their waste when left in the tank.

Learn More on the Types of Aquarium Fish Now!

Fishes are excellent pets because they’re cheap and are low maintenance. These fishes are helpful to the environment and your home.

Some of these fishes fight diseases that prevent your family from getting sick. Keeping them in your home might be the best decision you ever make.

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