What Benefits Does Pelvic Floor Reconstruction Offer for Women?

When pelvic floor muscles are damaged or weakened, you will suffer from pelvic organ prolapse. It could be due to lifting heavy weights, an injury, or childbirth. The best and most highly trained gynecologists in the US offer pelvic floor reconstruction at affordable rates using the latest and minimally invasive techniques. You will enjoy a high-quality life after reconstruction surgery.

The muscles are responsible for holding your organs and keeping them in the correct position. However, such muscles could get weakened because of heavy exertion, like childbirth. It causes prolapse of organs within the pelvic area. The organs slip from their normal position and press against your genital passage. Gynecologic surgeons in the US are experienced in repairing organs like the rectum, uterus, and bladder through pelvic floor reconstruction.

Reconstruction surgery strengthens the pelvic floor

The reconstruction surgery consists of several prolapse repair methods. Each technique is designed to tackle the health needs of individuals caused by organ prolapse. The surgical procedure strengthens and restores the integrity of the pelvic floor. It addresses each of the prolapsed organs in the pelvic area. The surgeons will rebuild the supporting layer while removing or repairing the slipped organ.

Several specialists perform reconstruction surgery in your area. You can spend some time online and also seek the help of colleagues and friends to find the best surgeon to reconstruct your pelvic floor so that you can perform normal activities.

The risks and benefits of reconstructing the pelvic floor

Women with one or more prolapsed organs can undergo pelvic reconstruction at a nearby hospital and improve their quality of life. It is a long-term solution for organ prolapse and removes uncomfortable symptoms. You will be free from pain.

The reconstruction surgery supports each of the prolapsed organs in the pelvic area. The procedure will depend on the specific diagnosis. A bladder tuck is used to lift the prolapsed bladder and reposition it. The surgeons will use cuff suspension to repair the top of the vaginal prolapse. The prolapsed rectum can be corrected using the rectocele repair technique. You can avail of robotic prolapse repair to facilitate quick repair. The gynecologic surgeons will use the natural tissues in the pelvic floor reconstruction, eliminating complications involving mesh.


The surgical procedure, sacrocolpopexy, is used to cure pelvic organ prolapse. A surgical mesh will be used by the surgeon to lift the organs and place them in their original position. After this procedure, you will be relieved of side effects like pelvic pressure, bulging, or urinary incontinence. Sacrocolpopexy is performed after making small incisions laparoscopically.

This surgery is used to cure organs located in your pelvis, mainly in the area between the tail bone, pubic bone, and right and left hip bones. Some of the pelvic organs are the cervix, urethra, uterus, vagina, rectum, bladder, and intestines. A pelvic floor is a group of muscles that keeps the organs in their original place.

Various types of pelvic organ prolapse include vaginal prolapse, uterine prolapse, enterocele, rectocele, and cystocele. You need to read the credentials of the hospital and the gynecologic surgeons before deciding to join and get treatment for pelvic organ prolapse.