What is the success rate of IUI?


IUI is an alternative fertility process if you’re having trouble conceiving. The process was previously known as artificial insemination; you can do it without fertility medication under IUI treatment in Noida.

If medication is used, intake of fertility drugs should start before the doctor does the procedure suggested by the best IVF doctor in Noida.

During IUI, the healthy sperms are washed uniquely and placed directly into the uterus using a thin tube. It brings them close to the egg to enhance the success rate of fertilization.


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The IUI method.

The IUI treatment relies on your cycle and should begin on the first day of your period. It ensures that an egg matures correctly, ready for ovulation under IUI treatment in Noida. Your doctor will use sonography and bloodwork to monitor your menstrual cycle for about 12-14 days.

When an egg matures, it breaks free from the ovary and starts its journey through the fallopian tubes for conception. The monitoring directs to the actual IUI, which happens on ovulation day suggested by the best IVF doctor in Noida.

Your sperm donor or male partner gives a semen sample that is “washed” to be ready for IUI. It swims toward and hopefully probes the egg. Healthy sperm is collected from the seminal fluid and placed into your uterus using a thin catheter, leaving fertilization as it would in a natural rotation under IUI treatment in Noida.

Fast details about the success rates of IUI

The success rate of IUI relies on several features.

You and your partner’s identification:

A doctor may detect several problems that determine the success rate of the IUI process.

  • Unexplained fertility means having a good egg count, a healthy uterus, open fallopian pipes, and a good sperm count under all typical situations.
  • Your success rate if you’re in this group is 7% to 10% per rotation. If you merge the treatment with fertility medicines, the success rates can increase from 15% to 25%, as suggested by the best IVF doctor in Noida.
  • A single open fertility pipe means you have one blocked and one unblocked fallopian line. While pregnancy can occur, the success rate relies on the blockage’s location on the blocked tube under IUI treatment in Noida.
  • When the blockage is nearest to the ovary, the success rate of IUI is 11.7%. The success rate is as excessive as 38.1% when the backup is closest to the uterus.
  • If your partner has male cause infertility and no severe sperm complications, you can take advantage of IUI. The procedure increases the process of natural fertilization by putting the sperm near the egg.

Your age:

Age is a crucial feature in determining the success rate of the IUI process. The conception rates drop as you age due to diminishing egg quality. You may need many repeated IUI cycles to become pregnant.

The timing of the process:

After the doctor directs when ovulation will occur, they will schedule the IUI. The entire process is well-planned. The doctor tells you when to take treatment and when your partner should provide a sperm sample, suggested by the best IVF doctor in Noida.

Delays in any part of the procedure can reduce the success rate of fertilization under IUI treatment in Noida.

IUI has the lowest success rates in conditions where.

  • We have moderate to severe endometriosis.
  • Our male partner produces no sperm.
  • We have severe fallopian tube disease.
  • We have had both fallopian tubes removed, or both are blocked.

In cases where IUI is not appropriate, another suitable medication you can utilize is IVF. Discuss the alternatives with your physician for the best course of action.

Final thoughts:

IUI is a non-invasive fertility medication that can be successful in some cases. It’s a good beginning point for you if you have ovulatory dysfunction or unsolved infertility, suggested by the best IVF doctor in Noida.

It’s also productive if your partner has moderate male factor infertility. The method’s success rate relies on many features, mainly your age, diagnosis, and timing.

IVF vs. IUI success rates

When it comes time to analyze treatment alternatives, IUI and IVF are the most discussed. There’s no disputing the fact that, statistically speaking, IVF offers excessive success rates and thus a faster time to pregnancy than IUI, no matter your age or detection suggested by the best IVF doctor in Noida.

IVF techniques have significantly enhanced over the last two ages, but IUI’s success has remained unchanged. But IVF success comes at a cost – both physical, as IVF is a far more involved procedure than IUI, requiring several different treatments and surgical procedures – and financial.

While IUI success rates methods IVF success rates after several recurrent cycles on a per-cycle basis, IUI is often less effective on a per-cycle basis under IUI treatment in Noida.