Yogyakarta’s Signature Cuisines That You Must Try

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If you are having a trip to Yogyakarta, make sure not to miss trying these signature dishes that you can only find the original in Yogyakarta.

Gudeg — Gudeg Pawon

As Nasi Lemak would be to Malaysia, the signature dish for Yogyakarta is Gudeg. Gudeg is made from jackfruit which is stewed for hours along with spices such as coriander and garlic, served on a banana leaf or a platter. Tempeh and tasty coconut-flavored chicken can also be part of the meal. At Gudeg Pawon, you get to eat in a local’s house. The gudeg is usually sold out around 11 pm. You’ ll lineup from the road but a couple of steps later you’ll be right inside the kitchen! It’s burning hot in there, but the smell of the boiling broth and rice will keep you going!

In there, the Gudeg is made traditionally. No electric stove or modern technologies but only wood and charcoal. Once you get your order, you will find yourself sharing a seat with locals on the bench outside.

Ayam Ingkung — Ingkung Kuali

Ingkung Kuali is famous among tourists because of its free-range chicken, and you can actually taste the freshness of the poultry! This local eatery can be found in Pajangan — commonly known as the culinary center of Yogyakarta, which means you know that you could have high expectations about the flavor!

While it’s possible to choose to do it by sitting on the ground in lesehan style, you can even go for the huts with extended comfy benches! Choose between the original boiled chicken or marinated or fried chicken — though it looks plain and simple when served, the dish will surprise you in taste and flavors as it’s been mixed, marinated and cooked for more than 4 hours, hence the chicken would have soaked up all of the spices.

Mangut Lele — Mangut Lele Mbah Narto

This has to be among the most hidden eatery in Yogyakarta. If you get lost, don’t worry to find your way because everybody in the neighborhood understands you are here for Mangut Lele Mbah Marto!

Something very admirable about food sellers in Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta, is that they want you to feel at home once you come in to dine — they’re so welcoming that they let you to the privacy of the house. Come and serve yourself from the kitchen. The walls are covered with black spots due to the charcoal.

At Mbah Narto, you’re here for some spicy smoked catfish! And when we say hot… brace yourself! You’ll want water and probably milk too. Don’t miss out on their boiled egg with a creamy textured yolk — you will go for a second round! And if you are fortunate enough you will be served by Mbah Marto — this woman is the one behind this secret recipe!

Sate Klathak — Sate Klathak Pak Bari

Known among the classics dish from Indonesia, Satay is available basically everywhere. It would be hard to decide for the best satay, but those in Sate Klatak Pak Bari are worth a trip. Scoop out a number of their special gravy on top! You may taste the meat for the marinade. The satay stall has appeared at an Indonesian movie ‘Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2’ and has been crowded with many costumers!