3 Features Of Versace Watches That Make Them Unique

One of the top names in luxury clothing brands, Versace, has its line of wristwatches that are often the star of every watch collector’s regal collection. Rich and classy, these timepieces are adorned with real gold and diamonds and often sport a medusa looking over to ensure the timely flow of the seconds and hours hands. Versace watches have a unique look and top-notch quality that can be associated with a few watch brands of the day.

So what are the features that make a Versace watch unique?

Quality and Build

Given that Versace is essentially a fashion label, these timepieces complement the brand’s daring attire. Versace produces eye-catching watches to complement the brand’s world-renowned clothes. Because of their style, they’re an excellent wardrobe essential for both casual and formal ensembles.

Versace uses high-quality, original materials that last for decades. The parts are made of sturdy materials, and you can choose from stainless steel, titanium or leather bands based on your preferences. When it pertains to casings, the choices are stainless steel or metal. It’s all about style and grace. Depending on the collection, Versace watches are water-resistant up to 100 metres.

Timepieces with Real Gold and Diamonds

Versace timepieces are made of genuine gold, and some watches are adorned with genuine diamonds. The amount, however, varies between watches, from collection to collection. Some watches are more expensive because they include more gold karats. Versace wrist watches range in price from $100 to $1,000. The higher the karats of gold, the higher the price. Versace watches use high-quality materials obtaining only the finest products from Switzerland, so the buyer has complete control.

Stunning Collection

Versace watches for men are spread across various categories, which boast a luxurious, big, bold and unique Versace design.

Greca Chrono Watches

The Greca Chrono series has a bold and sporty design. The watch has the iconic Medusa face at 12 o’clock. The Greca Chrono line has innovative Indiglo technology, which creates light in complete darkness when the crown is pushed. In conjunction with a dual chronograph, the Tachymeter shown on the outside bezel allows for recording multiple time and speed values, adding to the watch’s functionality.

V-Chrono Watch Collection

The V-Chrono watches are available in four luxurious configurations. Versace’s embossed lettering and the Medusa visage at 12 o’clock are prominently displayed on the outer bezel. The V-Chrono Collection is a visual feast because of its simple yet sophisticated look.

Women’s Collection

Versace women’s watch collection boasts bright designs, eye-catching hues, and elaborate accents spread among eight collections.

Meander Collection

Inspired by Greca elegance, the Meander line honours Versace’s origins and legacy. The watch has a 37 mm diameter, the Medusa face at 12 o’clock, and the words Versace imprinted on the dial. The minute markers and hour hands are gold and have a clean appearance. These watches have a water resistance of 100 metres and are powered by a Ronda 762 Swiss quartz two-hand movement.

Palazzo Empire Greca Collection

Versace’s most cherished watch for ladies is the Palazzo Empire Greca series, which is rich in quality craftsmanship and exquisite in appearance. The Medusa face embossed on the dial’s glass, combined with the Versace emblem at 12 o’clock on the dial face, lends this collection a never-before-seen style. Versace’s trademark elements and daring fashion sense are displayed in the Palazzo Empire Greca line.


Versace has a large following of dedicated customers as a high-end fashion house. This unfiltered reputation extends to the Versace watches too. However, not a well-known watchmaker, Versace’s stylish timepieces live up to its name. Great dependability, exceptional beauty, and high-quality materials ensure the watches’ durability. Most importantly, Versace watches are versatile and dynamic; even when time and fashion trends change, the watches flawlessly adapt and complement all generations.