3 Major Problems with the American Football

The American soccer faces a myriad of challenges that seem to be affecting the young players and the international team. Have you ever wondered why the MLS doesn’t attract more fans compared to leading European leagues yet the USA has a lot of football fans?

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Well, the MLS has made football look like a new kick-and-chase game in the world. Below are the top three problems facing football in the US and unless they are adequately addressed, we can’t look forward to a bright soccer future.

There are No Proper Youth Systems in Place

Leading leagues in the world are full of young players. Germany, Spain, and English premier leagues boost of a vibrant young football talent. The young players are molded into great players that later represent their nations on the international scene.

In the U.S., this seems to be far from reality. Although a lot of young and talented football players are enrolled in various soccer schools in USA, there are no youth systems that can pick up these players and continue molding their talents once they are out of the soccer schools. Instead, most of these young players graduate out of the soccer schools in USA straight into the MLS league.

A Limited League Size

Currently, the MLS can’t say that it has the required number of soccer teams that can make up an efficient league system supporting the promotion and relegation of teams. It is true that England has a lot of teams that helps it to form and maintain an effective relation and promotion system. However, not all the players in England play for the dominant teams in big stadiums.

The point is that there is lack of personal commitment and investment in the American football. If the government can put in place measures to ensure that the young talent in different soccer schools in USA is promoted and supported to form smaller leagues, then eventually the MLS will expand and be able to support an effective and sustainable relegation/promotion league that will lead to player development and expansion.

A Bad Transfer System

The MLS transfer system can’t allow big football names such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi to come and play in the U.S.A.  Even thousands of mid-level players from Europe who may wish to come and play in New York or Los Angeles can’t find their way here due to a skewed transfer system that supports the Americanization of soccer.

Instead of promoting fairness, the transfer system promotes mediocrity. Despite the numerous times that FIFA has urged the MLS to adjust its transfer times to coincide with those of Europe, it has ignored the calls.