5 Best Shisha Flavors You Have to Try

Are you curious about smoking shisha? Are you afraid that you won’t find the right brand or flavor for you?

In 2017, 2.6 million adults used hookah, water pipes, or pipes. That’s nearly double the number from a couple of years before.

Looking for the best hookah flavors? Here’s a guide to the top five shisha flavors to improve your smoking experience.

What Is Hookah Smoking?

Hookah smoking originated in the Middle East and is becoming very popular in the West.

The hookah pipe has a head, a body, a water bubble, a hose, and a mouthpiece. The head holds the tobacco or shisha. There are often multiple hoses and mouthpieces, allowing several people to smoke from the same pipe.

People smoke hookah in cafes and lounges providing a social activity. It can be a very relaxing experience.

What Is Shisha Made From?

Most shisha for hookah contains tobacco mixed with fruit sugars, honey, or molasses. Some tobaccos are nicotine-reduced. Smokers burn charcoal to heat the tobacco and create flavorful smoke.

Flavorings from fruit, herbs, and spices such as cinnamon and anise are combined with tobacco to create a wide variety of shisha products. Vanilla or coffee are also favorite additions

The sweetness makes it popular with younger people as it softens the flavor of tobacco.

Top 5 Shisha Flavor Selection

Popular shisha hookah flavors include apple, strawberry, and mint, as well as fruity ambrosia. It’s difficult to choose from so many great tastes. Your choice will be subject to your personal preference.

Any good Hookah Shop will have many terrific options for you to consider.

  • Mint

This iconic flavor is the most popular on the market. Its freshness sets it apart from the rest. Mint is often combined with other flavors to give an unusual zest to the smoke.

  • Double Apple

This delicious flavor is also known as Two Apples. It’s considered to be the second most popular flavor after mint. It’s been around for years and brings nostalgia to smokers. Apple flavors often have a hint of anise in them.

  • Blue Mist

This one is a very familiar flavor. It’s a delicate mixture of sweet blueberry and cool mint that appeals to many shisha smokers. It’s a best seller that is readily available. It also has a lower percentage of nicotine.

  • Ambrosia

Right away, you know Ambrosia is going to be delicious. It smells like fruit candy and gets your mouth watering. It’s a smooth smoking experience that many enjoy. It tastes like melon and marshmallows and creates great clouds of smoke.

  • Strawberry Cream

Another great taste, Strawberry Cream has the delicious flavor of strawberry cake. The ripe strawberry freshness has an undertone of acidity that completes the mix. It’s a warm sweet flavor that can be mixed with tangy tastes.

Enjoy the Unique Flavors of Shisha

Learning about different flavors of shisha can improve your smoking experience. Sometimes you have to try different flavors of shisha for yourself. You’ll be happy you took the time to do your research.

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