5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Yacht

If you’re new to sailing and have similar feelings, you’ve come to the correct spot. Purchasing a yacht in Singapore is a significant and costly choice. Nobody wants to make the mistake of buying the incorrect boat. Furthermore, if you intend to live aboard, you must decide which yacht best fits you and your lifestyle.

You’ll learn the critical basic criteria to consider below when purchasing a yacht so that you can feel more confident about your search and selection.

1. Specify the sort of boat you’re looking for.

There are several types of boats, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed when you first start exploring. To locate a yacht right for you, you must first decide what sailing you will undertake and limit the type of boat you want. For example, a live-aboard boat primarily berthed in a Marina or used for harbour cruising will require more gear and be set up differently than an offshore yacht that is ready to cross oceans.

2. Look for a tried-and-true boat design.

If feasible, purchase a boat designed by a well-known designer. There are numerous well-proven boats by globally recognised designers that will keep you safer and more comfortable at sea while being likely to retain their market value.

The age of the boat is frequently a deciding factor in the type of boat you’re looking at. Some of the popular cruising yachts were hand constructed with great care and durability in the 1970s and are now considered older boats. Still, if carefully maintained by conscientious owners, they will undoubtedly outlive a manufactured boat intended for economies of manufacturing and battered as a charter boat.

3. How big of a boat should you get?

It’s easy to believe that you should acquire the largest yacht you can afford. Isn’t it preferable to be on a larger boat that travels more quicker and has more space? It may seem appealing, but a larger yacht may not be the best for you.

To establish which size boat is appropriate for you, consider the following:

  • What is your financial situation?
  • How many people will be on board?
  • What amount of comfort and space are you willing to compromise or give up?
  • Will your budget allow for boat maintenance?
  • When will you be able to purchase the yacht and sail?

Boat size is a matter of opinion.

4. How much does it cost to maintain a boat?

When weighing the advantages and negatives listed above, it may appear that purchasing a larger boat is a no-brainer. The larger the yacht, though, the more costly everything becomes.

While you may be able to afford a larger boat, you must consider your sailing/lifestyle budget as well as maintenance expenditures. However, regardless of the size of your boat, you will need to spend money on repairs and maintenance to maintain it in excellent shape.

5. Look for simple access to the engine and system.

When looking at your boat, consider how simple the engine and systems are to access and service.

You’ll have a much easier time (and look less like a contortionist) if you can get to the significant components quickly and easily, such as:

  • the alternator(s)
  • belts
  • starter motor
  • seawater pump and impeller
  • injectors
  • oil changing
  • fuel and oil filters
  • engine intake seacock
  • seawater trap
  • transmission
  • stern glands.