5 Great Jobs You Can Get Without a Four-Year Degree

For several decades, those who graduate from high school were immediately encouraged to attend college and obtain a four-year degree at a university. While obtaining a four-year degree is certainly a high achievement, not all employment positions necessitate having four-year these degrees.

In fact, below is a list of five great jobs that you can easily get without a four-year degree.

  1. Forklift Operator

A forklift operator­ is responsible for transporting and distributing goods and merchandise in industrial settings. They must fully understand forklift load capacity as well as OSHA forklift standards. During training, forklift load capacity is explained, and operators are taught how to safely operate forklifts of all kinds.

Forklift operators may need to reference inventoried items according to their supervisors’ demands, and they’ll also need to locate, distribute, and move various items within a warehouse or trucking yard. Physical labor is absolutely necessary for this position.

  1. Carpenter

Carpenters can do a wide variety of things, including building homes, building and installing furniture, creating outdoor structures, or making repairs. Carpenters may work inside in homes or industrial buildings or outside. For example, carpenters are integral in the building of bridges. Many tools and highly advanced pieces of equipment must be used by carpenters. Therefore, there is a certain amount of technical training involved in achieving a carpenter’s status.

  1. Dental Hygienist

If you enjoy working in the medical field, becoming a dental hygienist may be right up your alley. Dental hygienists work in dentists’ office or orthodontists’ offices. They are tasked with examining patients for oral diseases, cleaning patient’s teeth, and providing other forms of preventative dental care. While a four-year degree is not absolutely necessary for dental hygienists, a two-year degree is necessary.

  1. Administrative Assistant

The jobs of administrative assistants vary widely. In general, administrative assistants are responsible for preparing reports, arranging webinars or meetings, planning events, conducting research, or doing various other office tasks. In many situations, administrative assistants work directly for one individual in the office. But administrative assistants may work as a team or for many different employees in a business or company as well. Organizational skills and great communication skills are necessary for this position.

  1. HVAC Service and Repair Person

HVAC service and repair has to do with installing, maintaining, repairing, and replacing heating and air-conditioning units in homes or businesses. In some HVAC settings, air ventilation units may also need to be repaired, maintained, replaced, or installed as well.

All five of these unique positions can be achieved without a four-year college degree. Pay for each of these jobs is adequate, and some employment settings may even offer benefits.