5 Neat Custom Car Accessories

Do you use your car so often you feel like it’s your new home? If you do a lot of driving for your job, this may be the case. One way of making the ride more bearable is to add features to make your car more comfortable.

Custom car accessories will not only add useful features to your car, but they can help make it reflect your personality. Check out these car accessories.

5 Amazing Custom Car Accessories

Car accessories are a great way to customize your car to make it stand out and reflect your style. You can choose interior or exterior car accessories, or both to create the car of your dreams. Here are some neat car accessories you can try.

1. Rubber Floor Mats

Car floor mats have to withstand dirt, mud, and, if you have kids, food remnants. Most cars come with cloth floor mats. Unfortunately, after some time these get stained and absorb smells easily.

This can result in a messy-looking, smelly car. That’s why rubber mats are so great. They eliminate this problem. Plus, they’re easy to clean and if you want to take it one step further, you can customize them with a unique design or logo.

2. Phone Mount

You can mount it on either your dashboard or windshield. Whichever is more convenient for you. It allows you to make hands-free phone calls so you can focus on the road while driving.

Mounting it on your windshield or dashboard allows you to keep the phone in view, even while driving. There are also magnetic mounts that you can clip onto your air vent.

3. License Plate Frames

License plate frames are a great way to personalize your vehicle. You can customize them to reflect your favorite show or character. Or you can even display your favorite team or company logo.

They are weather-resistant and durable. They enhance your license plate without obstructing it from being clearly seen by other drivers. Check out this site for more info.

4. Inflatable Bed

It may sound like a strange car accessory, but it comes in handy on long trips. You can also stay within the safety of your air-conditioned, locked car on camping trips. It’s very comfy, but you’ll have to deflate it and stow it away when you’re driving.

5. Door Warning Lamps

This is a really cool accessory that alerts you when your car door is ajar. You no longer need to purchase a high-end car to enjoy this feature. You can simply add it yourself.

Installation is easy, as the lamps stick onto the flat panel in the door. Their on-off switch is controlled with a tiny magnet that’s stuck on the door jamb.

Making Your Car Feel Like Home

Custom car accessories can make being in your car more bearable. They can also help you to personalize it to reflect your style. Interior car accessories can provide additional comfort features. 

There are also exterior car accessories you can use to proudly display your favorite team, character, or brand. For additional car tips, check out our Automotive section.