5 Summer Trends for the Little Ones!

With the arrival of the heat, we welcome the summer clothes and renovate ourclosets. There are many who wonder how to dress their children, since from one year to another kids keep on growing and trends change.

In the summer season it’s always a good idea to wear comfortable and versatile clothes. The ideal is to accompany these looks with some accessories, for example, you can buy espadrilles for kids, so you get a stylish but informal touch at the same time.


This season will predominate:

# 1 Fril ls

If there is a trend that is booming this spring / summer that’s definately the frills.

They have become a trend that we can see mainly in blouses and dresses. They give great volume to the garments, besides giving much movement. This makes them much more elegant and a more arranged touch to a look that could be informal.

# 2 Print

If you like prints, this summer you’re in luck. The dresses, blouses and overalls have been filled with prints to receive the heat.

For this year, dot printing is in trend. We can find dots of all kind of sizes and colors. The smart thing is to combine white and black dots, but if your children are very active, you can combine this pattern with more colorful garments.

# 3 The Country Style

We associate good weather with nature, excursions and picnics, andthat’s how the country tendency arises.

On these occasions we usually choose cheerful clothes that can be combined with accessories that remind us of nature, such as straw hats (which will also protect our children from the sunburn). Emphasizing on the new accessories, we insist on espadrilles as the ideal complement, since they are comfortable to carry and can currently be foundin different prints, giving an even more rural touch to the look

# 4 Boho chic

Although it is more common to see ethnic and bohemian style among adults, this style has also arrived to children’s fashion.

In these cases we can see sophisticated looks with flowers, fringes and many prints of ethnic origin.

In the case of the complements, this style usually incorporates great amount of accessories like bracelets and long pendants.

# 5 Ibiza style

Ibiza trends have been conquering the summers for more than 20 years since the total looks in white and the fresh fabrics.

This style is also being used for the little ones that you can accompany with different complements such as turbans and sandals.