5 Tips For Buying Affordable Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance policies are the most common in the modern society simply because they are the most cost effective options. However, there is a big challenge when it comes to choosing the right life insurance carrier from a pool of many options available for you. Finding the most affordable life insurance plan is what you need at whichever age bracket you are in and at whatever medical condition you are. The following are some of the crucial tips that can help you narrow down your search;

  • Purchase only the coverage that you need

Life insurance is quite necessary especially considering the fact that you have dependants who might suffer upon your death. In fact life insurance is all about maintaining the comfort of the ones left behind as they were while the provider was alive. The policy you will get will thus cater for all the things you could provide while you were alive. Buying more policies than you really need is going to be a burden because you will be needed to pay higher premiums which are expensive. Insurance experts often advise for a policy amount of around 6-10 times an individual’s annual gross income. In case you intend to increase the policy limits, you can do it later if you really need to.

  • Go shopping for the most affordable policy

It is true that different insurance companies offer different term life insurance policy rates. It is therefore crucial that you do a comparison between and amongst companies to get a company offering a policy that you can effectively and comfortably service without straining.

  • Consider the specific length of time covered

Term life insurance policies are bought for a specific period of time. Selecting an appropriate length of coverage is thus crucial so that the insurance premium rates can be affordable. You will have to put a number of factors such as your current home and family situation when selecting the appropriate coverage lengths. For instance in a case where you have a 35 year home mortgage, it would be ideal to purchase a 35-year policy that will protect the property throughout the life of the mortgage. On the other hand, if you are nearing retirement, you only need a 10-year policy term.

  • Get help from an independent life insurance agent

Independent life insurance agents are professionals that have been in the industry for some time and perfectly understand the various policies available and work with a variety of insurance carriers. This means that they are well informed about the rates of different carriers and will advice you appropriately. The agents will help you in finding the most affordable term life insurance carrier. Underwriters are usually keen when they ask you questions regarding your health and other factors before setting the rates. An independent term life insurance agent has been through the process a number of times and knows exactly what they need. You will have better chances of getting an affordable insurance carrier with the guidance of your agent.

  • Be honest

There are some traits or habits that might be difficult to hide such as smoking among other medical issues. In such cases, it is necessary to remain completely honest with your agent so that they can guide you to the right company and help write a cover letter that will put your situation in the best light. The underwriting agents understand exactly what insurance companies are looking for and will be of great help when it comes to writing the cover letter.


There are quite many term life insurance carriers in the market but getting the best option will take a lot f time going through each available carrier to compare with the rest. That is why it is necessary to consult an independent term life insurance agent for guidance and advice. Always seek expert guidance when seeking life insurance policies from the service providers.