5 Tips to reduce your Heating Bill

One of the most common problems when you are living alone is a high electric bill. What more if you are living with your 4 kids who each has their own bedrooms? Keeping your home warm in the winter shouldn’t leave you broke and wondering what you did wrong. Use the following tips to save on heating costs:

  • Do I need to call the HVAC Experts?
  • Yes, one of the most common causes why your electric bill will suddenly soar high is because of an HVAC System that is not doing its job properly. You will need to check if it is clean enough or if there are parts that are not working well. However, there are cases that your hvac system at home needs to be checked by an expert, and that is when you will need to contact your trusted Walla Walla HVAC
  • Use the sun – the ultimate source of heat
  • When the sun comes out every morning, open your blinds and its rays in. The sunlight that goes through your windows can give you some serious heat the old-fashioned way. Open your curtains during the day to allow the sun to warm your home, then close curtains at night to trap in the heat – one way to reduce your heating bill right?
  • When it’s cold outside…
  • You can opt to turn on your heating system and just dress in layers; slap a pair of slippers on your feet, and add a hat to complete your warm ensemble. You may also prepare warm drinks, not cold cocktails, when relaxing or watching your favorite movie.
  • Turn Down the Thermostat –
  • Yes, that will help with your heating bills as well! A couple of degrees cooler when you’re outside or asleep can make a big difference on your heating bill. It is really a wise move to turn down the heat whenever you leave your home for several hours.
  • Shut doors in unused rooms
  • All of us know what turning off the lights when you leave your unused room does for your electric bill. Just the same goes for closing the door when you leave a room – it lowers your heating bill too. The receipt will tell you. When the doors are shut, the existing heat will hang out in the room, so your HVAC system won’t have to keep pumping out warm air.

These are just simple but indeed genius hacks to help save on your heating bill. Try them now and see the results yourself.