7 employer branding best practices you need to know

Whether you are involved in the world of human resources or maybe recruiting personnel for a company, you may have heard about Employer Branding.

Employer branding refers to the reputation a company has as an employer, the way they treat their employees and the benefits these people get can be well known by the community and therefore influence the flow of people and talents that will knock on your door for a job.

Why is this so important?

Companies have realized it is very important to take care of their employer branding as well as their global branding. Their employees have to be as happy as their customers to achieve higher levels of success.

Best practices you need to know

  1. Be real

Employees are looking for a company they can feel safe with and one crucial element to establish trust is honesty and realness. Don’t advertise benefits you are not willing to give and try to be as transparent as possible with your clients, customers, and employees. When a company shows their business in a clear and organized way, people start paying more attention to it and developing a sense of respect for the brand.

  1. Talent always goes first

People constitute one of the most valuable resources for any company, and you have to make sure you are offering your talents the necessary encouragement and challenge to feel their job is necessary and important.

  1. Use your employee’s mouth to mouth to gain some reputation

The employees are the ones in charge of promoting the values of the business, and they will be the ones in charge of your reputation and trust index. Remember this can also be a dangerous tool since they will also talk about the things they don’t like in the company. Make sure their needs are met, and therefore their comments will be positive and useful.

  1. Social networks are your best ally

This is the perfect channel to communicate the values of your company and start building a fruitful employer branding. They can be used to show what a typical day in the company is; this will get your people closer to the processes and to the way your current employees benefit there, which will eventually attract more talent.

  1. Involve the whole company in employer branding. This is not a task that involves HR only.

Every single department has to be working together in the idea of being a working family and sharing benefits and growth so that new people can understand how things are managed inside the company and decide to apply in the future.

  1. Use gratitude employer branding

Use gratitude employer branding services. There are many ways of saying thank you to your employees, and using a service to do this for you is an incredible advantage. Through great communication your employees can feel their effort is taken into account, they need to know how much this employer, or potential employer values and appreciates its workers.

  1. Define what your employer branding is about from the beginning

Having a one-size-fits-all employer branding vision is no longer acceptable, talents that are potential employees will notice your vision and purpose is too general and does not represent them or interest them. This will make good future employees go away even before they start working in the company