7 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Criminal Attorney

An Austin criminal attorney is an indispensable asset if you are under police investigation, a suspect, or charged with violation of law. They will prepare your case for trial, negotiate a plea bargain, and develop the best approach for defense. However, choosing a criminal attorney can be an arduous and challenging process. Here are a few aspects you should consider to ensure that you find the best fit:

Area of practice

Every crime is different; meaning the defense to every case is also different. Because of this, most attorneys specialize in specific fields such as DUI, theft, domestic, violence, or technical crimes. Thus, considering an attorney with specialization in the charges being levied against can significantly boost your defense mechanism.

Effective communication

Communication is fundamental in the handling of a criminal case. It is therefore crucial that your criminal defense lawyer updates you on any changes in the status of your case such as court appearances and development of new evidence. Also, inquire who in the attorney’s office will have access to your case files to ensure that the lawyer satisfies the legal obligation of confidentiality.

Legal competence

A criminal attorney should be legally skilled with the most recent legal developments, practices, and science in the law of criminal defense. Besides licensing, many states require attorneys to receive some annual professional education to ensure they remain abreast of legal advancements.

Good Reputation

For some cases, a lawyer’s reputation is a vital aspect. You can request your friends and trusted associates for recommendations or carry out some research on your prospective attorney’s reviews, publications, and testimonials.


Since the cost of criminal lawyers varies, it is best to have an understanding before the case proceedings take off. For most attorneys, fees depend on the level of experience, the nature of the charges, case complexity, the charges jurisdiction, and the length of the case.

Consultation process

While it might seem like time is ticking, do not feel obligated to hire the first lawyer you meet. Most attorneys offer free or low-cost consultation to establish if they can represent you effectively. Spend ample time with several firms until you find the best fit.


Many people seek legal representation from counties outside the one in which one has been charged. However, a lawyer who is familiar with the protocols and processes in a local court can have insights that an out-of-town might not be aware of.

Get Representation For Your Criminal Offense

Being accused or charged of committing a crime may have dire consequences. Thus, you should secure a professional representation from an experienced Austin criminal attorney. This will allow you to build the best defense and increase the chances for a favorable outcome.

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