7 Tips for Finding a Dog Trainer

The right dog trainer will allow you and your pet to have a much more meaningful relationship. 

The more responsive and obedient your pet is, the closer your bond can be. That requires a trainer, though, and not all trainers are alike. It’s important to find ones that share your values and train your animal in a way that you approve of. 

We’re going to talk about finding a dog trainer today, giving you some insight into how you can find the best match. Hopefully, the ideas below produce some questions for you to ask the next professional dog trainer that you speak to. 

1. Training Philosophy

The first thing to do is ask about their approach to training. Ask why they train dogs, what dogs mean to them, and how they feel about their profession. This initial inquiry will give you a lot of insight into the person’s passion and commitment to their profession. 

You can find out if they’re overly stern or more forgiving, for example. 

2. Ask About Reinforcement

Reinforcement is one of the key principles of dog training. Dogs repeat behaviors that they’re rewarded for. Alternatively, some dogs might not repeat behaviors that they’re punished for. 

Positive reinforcement is the reward, while negative reinforcement is the punishment. It’s important to know where your trainer stands on these practices. 

3. Look at Customer Reviews

The best way to know if someone gets results is to ask the customers they’ve worked with in the past. Good trainers should have a number of positive reviews under their belt. 

Make sure that negative reviews are few and far between. This is particularly true if you see any comments about the poor treatment of animals. 

4. Consider Your Goals

There are different ways to train animals. Different owners have unique reasons for wanting to train their dogs. If you’re looking to get your dog to stop jumping on people and behave more politely, you might find different trainers than you would if you wanted to hunt with your pup. 

Take a look at this post to learn more about stopping jumping.

5. See How They Keep Up

Animal training methods are always advancing. New research points to different tactics when it comes to training. It’s important that your dog training incorporates cutting-edge ideas. 

Ask the trainer how they stay in touch with modern advances in professional dog training. 

6. Observe a Class

Good dog trainers should allow you to observe a class before you commit to working with them. 

This is an excellent way to get a feel for whether you approve of their teaching practices. There’s not a great way to find out how the class will go until you watch it. 

7. Ask The Trainer for a Reference

If the online review search didn’t yield a lot of results, ask the trainer if they can provide you with some references. A phone number of a previous client will do. 

This way, you can get a direct answer as to whether this person is reliable and trustworthy with your pet. 

In The Process of Finding a Dog Trainer?

Finding a dog trainer can be tricky. The results will amaze you, however, and you’ll be proud to own your newly obedient dog. Dog behavior is complex and difficult to change, but a trainer can work with your animal in a way that really improves things. 

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