A Guide to Hiring Drug-Sniffing Dogs for Private Use

The American Security Services Industry is worth over $48 billion in 2022. They prevent crimes against persons, property, and even proprietary information. One way to protect the public is through detecting and seizing drugs.

Substance abuse can affect physical and psychological health. It’s a public health concern that impacts society on many levels. One way to detect and stop the spread of narcotics is through the help of drug-sniffing dogs.

Did you know that drug-sniffing dogs are not only for police and airport security use? Keep reading to learn how canine security services can maximize safety. 

What Do Drug-Sniffing Dogs Do?

A dog’s sense of smell is two thousand times stronger than that of a human. It’s also fifty times more sensitive than that of a human. Drug-sniffing dogs use their sense of smell to detect a variety of substances.

They can detect substances like cocaine, heroin, and ketamine. They can also find different marijuana strains and cannabis resins. They are ideal for these jobs because they can cover an area fast.

Two to six months is how long it takes to train a drug-sniffing dog. They also do training in different environments to help them be less distracted. After training, the dog and the handler must complete a certification process.

During early training, drug-sniffing dogs receive treats when they recognize the target scent. In time, handlers will only reward them if they show correct reactions.

Handlers and their drug-sniffing dogs will undergo many testing and retraining. It will ensure that their skills are reliable and up to standard.

Why Hire Drug-Sniffing Dogs?

In an experiment, dogs identified drugs with 87.7% indications of being correct in 64 seconds. It also identified German shepherds as one of the most efficient when it comes to drug detection.

Private drug-sniffing dogs can help schools, businesses, and individuals. They are usually non-aggressive when detecting drugs. They also locate narcotics without causing damage to private properties.

When you rent a drug-sniffing dog, you need to identify your purpose. There are many types of services drug-sniffing dogs offer. Also, consider the place that needs their services.

Drug-sniffing dogs can work in outdoor events such as concerts and festivals. Putting them in security checkpoints allows them to check people as they enter. They can also go around the venue to go through more populated areas like the bathrooms.

Landlords can also hire drug dog services to check apartment buildings. Drug-sniffing dogs can detect drug residue under doors and even on walls. Do remember that these searches will require a warrant or a permit.

The cost of drug-sniffing dogs ranges between $200 to $500. The dogs go around the property to search for narcotics. The dog will alert their handler once they pick up a scent.

Hire Canine Security Services Today!

These are ways to maximize safety with drug-sniffing dogs. Hiring drug dog services can help you avoid the dangers of drugs on your property and business.

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