Are You Concerned About How To Curb Your Alcohol Intake?

Drinking alcohol in limited amount is medically proved to have health benefits. If you are drinking too much, you must learn to reduce your alcohol intake.

How to realize that you are drinking too much?

You can measure the amount of your daily alcohol intake to find out whether you are drinking more or have standard alcohol amount. If you have withdrawal symptoms after few hours of quitting alcohol, you are alcohol dependent and have been drinking too much. You may suffer from tremors, sleeping disorders, buying alcohol at any cost, and have severe cravings for alcohol.

Due to your drinking habit, you may face personal, financial, legal, mental, and health issues. In such situations, you are drinking more than recommended or standard alcohol amount and you need to either reduce or quit your alcohol intake.

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How to reduce your alcohol intake to a standard amount?

Here are a few tips to help you reduce your alcohol intake when you think you are drinking too much.

  1. Track how much you are drinking every day to help you compare it with recommended drinking amount. It helps you to limit how much you drink and stick to your drinking goals.
  2. You must make a list of benefits like improved relationship, better health, and financial well-being you may get after curbing alcohol intake. This can be a motivation and inspiration for you to quit drinking.
  3. Do not keep alcohol in your house.
  4. Learn to say no politely to social events that involve peer pressure to drink alcohol.
  5. Engage yourself in activities like play sports or catch a movie when you feel temptation for alcohol.