Are you pet ready? Evaluate for yourself!

Owning a pet is not just about having a partner in the house but also a responsibility! A pet takes up your time, space and money. It takes a great deal of work and companionship to be housing a pet and thus one takes his own time deciding if they shall have a pet in the house or not. Some get swayed by the increasing trend of people opting to keep a pet in their homes while some are really seeking for companionship and find that nothing could get as lovable as coming home to a pet.

No matter if you are considering buying or adopting, dog or cat, today or after a month, the question remains that ‘Are you ready for a pet?’ Of course, it is important to understand yourself and the thought that you will be able to handle a responsibility that comes with owning a pet. From taking an all-round care of the pet to making them feel loved, it takes a lot to keep a pet happy. And if you think you want to bring home a pet, this is the ideal time to analyze by evaluating for yourself the following aspects!

  1. Are you ready for a commitment that lasts for at least 15 years?

A pet comes with a lot of commitment. Just like any other person in your life needs your attention, care, space and a lot of your time to be happily living with you, a pet needs the same to be happy. Owning a pet means that you are committing your time and energy to a living being for almost their entire life i.e. roughly 15 years. If you think you are ready for a commitment as long as these, then you are definitely ready for a pet!

  1. Do you have space at home for a pet?

The basic necessities of a pet include a bed to sleep on, a good place to walk, some space to play around and a safe and secure environment. Of course, a pet isn’t equipped with the living style of humans and they won’t understand the furniture that we use. So it is important that you have ample space in the house which is pet-friendly to give them a good and harmless stay at home. If you do have space, you can go for a pet!

  1. Are you settled well?

By settled we mean that you are earning well, have a proper house and don’t intend to move out of the space any soon. If you have a house and are settled well you shall be able to make the pet adjust to your environment otherwise your shift can make it difficult for the pets to get equipped to unwanted situations.

  1. Can you afford the costs that come with the pet?

A pet does not come for free. They do have maintenance and health needs which involve taking them to doctors, buying food for them, Clothes, accessories etc. All of the costs can add up to your monthly budget and may shake it even. So, it is important to find if you can afford the costs involved with a pet.

  1. Do you have adequate time for the pets?

A pet needs your time as much as your friend or another member of the family would. From taking them out for a walk to sitting with them to lounge around you need a good time to keep the pet happy and groomed. If you cannot dedicate at least 2 hours of your time towards your pet, then you should not have one!

  1. Do you travel frequently?

If you are frequently traveling, then chances are that you will leave the pet alone for a long time. The pet may not be able to accompany you everywhere which can be a too-emotional burden for the pet. And hence not having one when your life includes a lot of travel is the ideal decision.

  1. Is anyone around you allergic to dog/cat?

When owning a pet the biggest of the concerns is the allergy. Even though you might be well with dogs or cats there shall be people around you who are allergic to them. If you own a pet and they get ill because of it, it is ideal to not own a pet at all!

  1. Do you have the patience to deal with pets?

Unlike other people, pets do not have anywhere else to go except you. In tough situations or tension times if you lose your patience or aren’t able to deal with patience then it is ideal to not own a pet. As pets need ample patience to deal with and you cannot go rude or rough to them, don’t make them a target of your bad moods!

A pet can add up to your life when you have the amenities to keep them happy. If you think you are ready for a pet, then go for it right now!