Benefits of investing in pro comp wheels and different winches available in market

What is pro comp wheel?

Wheels are an important part of any vehicle whether it is two wheeler or four wheelers. In the same way, they also play vital role in jeeps and make your jeep move from one place to another. Today, market is full with variety of wheels but pro comp wheels are in great demand. They are not only durable, but versatile and long lasting as well. Pro comp is another name for alloy wheels which are typically made from aluminum with some percentage of nickel. The content of nickel affect the brittleness of rim and more nickel make rim more resistant and heavier. But, it becomes more susceptible to crack from hard platforms.

While on other hand, less nickel will make alloy rim lighter but more prone to problems like bending. Depending on size pro comp wheel tend to be much lighter in comparison with OEM wheels and improve speed, acceleration, handling and braking. These wheels do come in huge variety of finishes from plated metallic beauties to gleaming polish and from vibrant powdered colors to edgy rocky style. You can even opt for plus size rims as they will not affect quality of ride due to their light weight structure.

Importance of winch – If you have purchased a new jeep and prepping for some adventurous and off road fun, then adding winch is something which you must consider definitely. However, with so many options available out there choosing anyone or best winch for your jeep can be very daunting task. So, the first important thing which you should take into consideration is winch manufacturer’s pulling rating. This is combination of tensile strength and mechanical capacity of winch. The important parts which need to be remembered are line length capacity of winch. Along with winch you should buy a jeep compass lift kit as it will help in avoiding many problems

Types of winches –

Electric winch – These winches are becoming more popular and common for trail uses. One of the main benefits of investing in electric winches is its maintenance. They require no or very little maintenance at all unlike hydraulic winch. It consists of control unit and a motor which are its main components. But, be sure to keep winch covered from sun and other related elements which can have degrading effect on its components including synthetic rope cable, control unit and motor. Electric jeep winch even require electricity for its proper functioning.

Hydraulic winch – These winches run with help of hydraulic fluid and are typically expensive than electrical winches. Hydraulic winch even have more installation and other elements. In electric winch you bolt simply in winch and connect few wires, but with hydraulic winch you have to tap power steering pump and run high pressure lines to winch and install possible hydraulic solenoids. The main benefit of this winch is they are submersible fully and have 100% duty cycle which means they will run without any problem constantly.