The Best Places to Eat Sushi

Being the birthplace of Sushi, any journey to Japan is guaranteed to be a smorgasbord of high-quality nigiri, sashimi, and maki. However, did you known that there is no need to travel to Japan for authentic Tamaki. The world has now become a global village, and thanks to this, you can enjoy great sushi in some corners of the globe!  Want some fun times while you choose the best place from the below list? You can join Just Cash Bingo to enjoy the best online slots and bingo games! This brilliant site comes loaded with a plethora of games which can be played on any devices. So, this enables players to feel a magical experience at the comfort of their home.

And now, let’s check out the worldwide sushi havens!

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is full of food trucks, cafés, and sushi restaurants. Omakase tasting menus are particularly common in the city’s sushi restaurant-  it is when customers set aside their menus and enable the chef to select every course.

So, if you are planning to visit Canada in the near future, make sure to take your friends along. Eating sushi there, will definitely give you and your friends a memorable experience!

São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo contains the largest community of Japanese people living away from their hometown. Dining choices vary from affordable – yet first-class – sushi joints to high-end eateries where some of the world’s most inventive sushi menus are made.

The district of Liberdade is considered as the Little Japan of São Paulo. This is the only place where you still find the busy Japan-centric Galvão Bueno Street. If you travel there one day, this is the best location in the city to find cheap and authentic sushi.

Milan, Italy

Milan is best known for its amazing seafood. But there are also various sushi bars that Italian gourmets are spoilt for choice. If you have friends or family there, you will often spot them debating which restaurant offers the freshest sushi. Restaurants which frequently attract praise are Poporoya and Fuku Jima.

If Milan is in your bucket list, visit Sushi Yokohama. This is where Chinese-Italian chef Rosy Yokohama gives out sushi with an Italian twist.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

For wanderers hoping to give a try to the most unusual and interesting sushi, Shiro in Hong Kong is similar to a culinary pilgrimage. This is the only restaurant there which debuted crystal sushi: slivers of jelly filled with strong savours like rose, shiso leaf, and ponzu placed over traditional sushi rolls.

As far as sushi is concerned in Hong Kong, customers are just as intrepid as the chefs. It has become a point of pride in certain restaurants to dine Omakase-style and to avoid examining the menu.

Sushi has nowadays become the world’s most common and healthy fast-food. Nowadays, you can find it in almost all the restaurants around the globe. However, the above places are simply the best to eat sushi. Why? Well, you should try it one day and you shall see!