Best Rocky&Sandy Beaches in Malta

When the temperatures soar and you’re sweltering, the only solace is to hit the beach.  Malta’s waters are known to be refreshing and some of the cleanest in the world. People from every corner of the world turn to Malta for the fix of sunshine and sea – it’s a famous island for divers and snorkelers, watersport enthusiasts and those who simply love to bask in the sun.  Whatever way you prefer to relish in the waters an, you’re spoilt for choice in Malta.

So how do you decide on which beach to go to?  Really and truly, most coastal areas are perfectly safe swimming areas – if you’re walking along and come across a ladder leading to the sea you can jump in safely (weather-permitting, of course).  On a windy day, check the weather forecast and wind direction to see which area of the island has calm seas – if you can’t figure it out on your own, ask a local or use! Otherwise you can use follow our recommendations in this guide to Malta’s best beaches.

St. Peter’s Pool

St. Peter’s Pool is a naturally formed swimming pool in the south-west of Malta, a short distance away from the famous fishing village of Marsaxlokk. You might have heard about it because of Titti, the cliff-diving dog who went viral a couple of times for synchronized dives with his owners. On a calm summer day, the sea is clear, with light green and azure waters ideal for snorkeling. The crystal-clear waters are a great place to discover Malta’s underwater world.  

Since the road leading up the bay is a narrow country road, it’s not accessible by bus.  The closest bus stop is 2.3 kilometers away, which is around a 30-minute walk. We suggest taking comfortable shoes, hats and plenty of sun block for this trip! It’ll be worth it.

Golden Bay

If you’re looking for a sandy beach to relax at, Golden Bay is one of your options Apart from the gorgeous red-sand, this beach also comes with spectacular views, especially at dawn and dusk.  You can enjoy a hike along the cliffs before or after your swim and explore the Maltese flora and fauna. There’s plenty of options at the beach to rent canoes, paddle boats and jet skis. It’s also possible to organise BBQS with the required permits, or rent out volleyball equipment. This spot is favorite for sunsets, or dinner and drinks by the sea.  It’s found in the North of the island, with easy and regular bus access.

GhajnTuffieha / Riviera Bay

GhajnTuffieha, also known as Riviera Bay, is like Golden Bay, and it’s actually a 10-minute walk away from it.  The difference is that GhajnTuffieha is smaller, quieter and less commercial.

Paradise Bay

If you’re visiting Popeye Village, Paradise Bay is a must-see.  It’s a short walk away from the old filmset, and it really is a little paradise.  The white sandy beach with its transparent waters is also a favorite spot for snorkeling due to the numerous species of small fish in the sea.  One of the prominent fish in the area is the nibble fish – the kind of fish that is found in fish spas, so if you visit this beach, prepare to have your feet tickled!

Gnejna Bay

Another sandy beach located in the North West of Malta, a short distance away from Golden Bay and GhajnTuffieha Bay.  Gnejna is smaller, less crowded and more remote due to being less accessible. If you’re looking for a beach that’s balance between sandy and limestone this is the beach for you.  Your children can plan in the sand while you relax on the stretch of flat limestone rock.

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