Best Ways To Look After Your Air Cooler Fan

As the temperature continues to soar, staying cool has become increasingly difficult. The traditional air conditioner is most often the go-to for many households, but that tends to rack up the electricity bills. A cost-effective and efficient alternative is the air cooler fan. It is environmentally friendly and is an excellent way of staying cool throughout summer. People also prefer this cooling option because of the low maintenance it requires and fewer complications. However, air coolers require some level of maintenance like every other electrical appliance. Taking care of it will improve the performance and increase its lifespan. If you have an air cooler fan, below are the best ways to look after your air cooler fan.

Proper Ventilation is Key

Air cooler fans are very different from traditional air conditioning units. They require a room that’s well-ventilated to perform optimally. If you want your air cooler fan to operate efficiently, you need to provide constant airflow. Good ventilation helps to drive out the humidity in the room. Air cooler fans work through the evaporation method and, therefore, require smooth airflow.

Place the Air Cooler Fan in Front of the Window

One of the ideal spots to place your air cooler fan to ensure optimum performance is in front of a window. You should place your air cooler fan in front of the window because the hotter the air, the faster the evaporation method can take place. While opening the window, ensure it isn’t spread too wide, increasing room temperature.

Add an Ice to the Water to Improve Cooling

Another way to look after your air cooler fan is by adding ice to the water. You could even get a bit lucky and come across an air cooler fan with an ice compartment. When you add ice to the water, it makes the pad cooler, making the atmosphere even cooler. Ensure you don’t add too much ice, as that will only hamper the air cooler efficiency.

Ensure Clean the Air Cooler Before Using

After every summer, you must pack up the air cooler fan for the next season. When you unpack the air cooler fan, you should first clean the cooling pads. This feature is because while in storage, chances are that it accumulated dirt. If you find them in bad shape, you should replace them. Also, clean the water tank and inspect it to ensure that there are no leaks. Also, you should clean the fan blades to improve the cooler’s efficiency.