Car Rental in Orlando: Best Vehicles for Different Occasions


Travelling without a rental car in Orlando is like to lose half of the impressions, so we offer a small selection of cars for various trips.

For a family vacation, an ideal variant will be Hyundai Santa Fethat became more solid and brutal.  It is seven-seater car with all-wheel drive and automatic transmission. There are roof rails, leather interior trim, xenon headlights, rear parking sensors, a Supervision instrument panel, as well as a multimedia system and a rear-view camera. Fuel consumption in the city is about ​​14,5 l in winter and 12,5 l in summer, on the route 6 – 8,5 l / 100 km.

Toyota Sienna is also a good variant. This car belongs to minivan class D. Practical salon has a high level of comfort and a foldable third row of seats. It has versions with seven- and eight-seater saloon. Smart Lock allows you to open and close the door without a key. All models are equipped with cruise control, three-zone climate control, ABS, Traction Control. With it, fuel consumption in the urban cycle is 12 l / 100 km and 9 l / 100 km in the suburban mode.

If you travel alone, so AUDI A4 is at your attention. The car with an aggressive look is endowed with excellent stability and controllability – to drive actively on it is a real pleasure! As options, there are installed mirrors with electric adjustment, power windows, electric sunroof, heated front seats, climate control, etc. Also, the cars were equipped with an on-board computer. The model differs by a relatively small consumption of gasoline – 11 l in the city and up to 8 l along the route.


Renault Logan is more profitable car. The little car is pretty bright, and can easily digest bumpy roads. In the new generation, Logan offers a touch screen with navigation and an advanced multimedia system. And it still manages to combine small dimensions with a roomy cabin and knows how to save fuel: outside the city, fuel consumption is 5.8 l/100 km.

Business people will be glad to rent Mercedes-Benz CLS, a premium sedan-fastback. The car, combining elegance and dynamics of the coupe with the practicality and comfort of the sedan, is addressed to vigorous people with high income who want to stand out from the crowd. The average fuel consumption is 9 l/100 km.


Honda Accord is a global medium-sized business model (with some premium claim), occupying the “flagship position” in the ranks of the Japanese company Honda Motor. This front-wheel drive car in the aggregate characteristics can be addressed to both young drivers and adults. Very typical and popular car in business sphere, consuming in general about 8 l/100 km.

Mercedes SLK will fit perfect for a couple, being a double roadster coupe. In the third generation, SLK has retained the traditional metal folding roof and “Magic Sky Control” panel. The interior of the car meets the most stringent requirements for luxury. The mixed fuel consumption is 6.1 liters per 100 km, one of the most economical in its class.

In its turn, Toyota Hilux Pickup is no less great car for two people thatstands out for its courageous body design with recognizable features of Toyota SUVs. Inside, it pleasantly surprises with a stylish and functional interior and creates a feeling of comfort. In the top version, the pickup has an excellent set of options, including navigation. Fuel consumption per 100 km around the city is about 11 l and on the road – 7.2 l.

Car rental in Orlando will offer you a lot of variants for an excellent trip!