Changing a Pierced Navel Jewellery

Navel piercings are considered a sassy body piercing across generations. These piercing usually take about six months to a year to completely heal. The longer healing period is because the piercing is located at a delicate part of the body. Changing the belly piercing jewelry is not recommended if your piercing is not fully healed yet.

But once it is fully healed, cleaning and changing is good practice every month or two to keep the piercing clean and away from infections and germs. After the belly button piercing healing process is complete and you are planning on changing it, then written below are the steps that you can follow.

What You Will Need

  1. Saline solution
  2. Cotton pads
  3. New clean navel jewelry
  4. Plastic bag

How to Change the Navel Piercing

  1. Clean the new jewelry

First things first, put a small amount of saline solution on a clean cotton pad and set it aside. Remove the top ball of the new jewelry, and clean the belly button ring with cotton pad you had earlier. Set it aside and let it dry completely

Note: When setting aside cotton pads and jewelries, make sure that you put them on a clean surface.

  1. Remove the top of the old jewelry on your navel

Unscrew the ball located at the top of the jewelry currently inside your piercing.

Note: Removing the old jewelry might take a little longer than you expect. You need to put a little bit more pressure to completely take it out. Once it’s unscrewed for the first time, then it will get faster in the succeeding times.

  1. Completely remove the jewelry

After placing the top of the jewelry on a clean surface, slowly pull the entire jewelry out. Gently do continue until it is completely removed.

  1. Put the new jewelry into the piercing

Get the new and recently cleaned navel jewelry. Make sure that the top ball that you unscrewed is still loose and is easily accessible. Again, slowly and gently, insert the tip of the jewelry into the piercing.

  1. Secure the new jewelry

Once the shaft of the jewelry is completely inserted, screw the top ball onto your new navel piece of jewelry. Twist the ball to secure it and continue doing it until you are sure that the jewelry is firmly in place.

What to Do After Changing Your Navel Piercing

Here are a few pointers before you go out and parade your new jewelry. Did you know that sitting for a long time can actually loosen the ball found at the top of the jewelry? Aside from that, the top ball might also come off if you wear clothes that tend to move a lot and when you yourself move a lot.

So do not expect to be engaging in super active lifestyle anytime soon. For example, going swimming after your piercing.

Aside from trying to keep your jewelry safe and secure, you also need to ensure that your navel piercing is free from germ and infections. Clean your navel piercing and the jewelry itself regularly especially if you expose, from time to time, your midriff. Cleaning is an easy procedure.

Simply pour some saline solution onto a new and clean cotton pad, and wipe it on the navel and the jewelry. Do not rub it too hard or too rough since you might risk infecting it. You can also try soaking the navel area with saline solution. It cleanses the area and does away with the rubbing and wiping.

Last but not the least, store your jewelries in a clean and cool place. You might need them in the future again.