Charles Nucci Reveals Easy Product Photography Tips and Tricks

A lot of people now operate online businesses, using platforms such as Amazon as their marketplace. They want to do as much as possible themselves, which includes their own product photography. Charles Nucci, who is a professional product photographer, welcomes the efforts that people make, but cringes regularly at the terrible photographs he comes across. This is why he has developed a number of simple tips and tricks to help people take pictures of their products that will actually help them sell.

9 Simple Tips According to Charles Nucci

  1. Read the manual.

Surprisingly, around 99% of camera owners never read the manual. While it is true that most cameras are simple point and shoot, by understanding the different settings, you will learn a lot more about how to take a perfect picture, focusing on lighting, aperture, picture size, shutter speed, and so on.

  1. Focus first, then shoot.

All cameras focus when the button is pressed halfway, and take the picture when the button is pressed all the way, or held in place. When you take product photographs, you can take your time. Hence, focus first, see what it looks like on the screen, move about and focus again, and don’t take the picture until it actually looks good.

  1. By a camera hood.

Camera hoods are very affordable and they make a huge difference. It increases color saturation while also decreasing glare. The pictures will truly come to life.

  1. Make sure you hold your camera right.

Imagine your camera is a footlong sub, and that is how you should hold it. You also have to bend your elbows properly. Keep the camera straight as well.

  1. Buy a tripod.

Keeping your camera straight and still can be a big effort. Even the smallest movement, including the pressure from pushing the button, will move the camera and change your shot. Hence, if you purchase a tripod, you will make sure your camera always stays in the same position.

  1. Use the self-timer.

Even the smallest body movement has an effect on the sharpness of the picture. If you did purchase a tripod, then using the self-timer means you don’t even have to worry about the pressure from pushing the button anymore.

  1. Use your wireless shutter release.

If you read the manual (see tip 1), you will know how the wireless shutter release works. This means that you can also move the scene of your product, while leaving the camera where it is.

  1. Get your lighting right.

Lighting is everything. Bright light is definitely best with product photography. At the same time, however, you have to make sure that you do not cause a glare. This is all about experimenting, as the ambient light around your scene also plays a big impact.

  1. Use hot shoe flash.

Hot shoe flashes are an accessory, but they aren’t too expensive. They are also versatile because they don’t have to attach to your camera. A hot shoe flash makes a huge difference to the overall lighting quality of your picture.